USHJA Bylaws, Foundation Bylaws, and Policies

Policy Document by Section

Policy Name
Policy Number
Date Approved
USHJA Bylaws GA100 6/10/24
Conflict of Interest and Ethics, and Disclosure Form GA101 5/17/21
Background Check and Screening Policy GA102 5/7/18  
Required Training, Screenings, and Documentation GA103 5/7/18 
Welfare Statement GA104 6/21/12
Budgets of USHJA GA105 11/19/18
Program Planning, Development, and Implementation GA106 5/8/23
Program Review and Evaluation Criteria GA107 5/18/20
Compensated Services GA108 3/12/12
Presidential Reimbursement GA109 8/13/18
Officer, Director, and WG Compensation GA110 7/11/12
Volunteer Expense Reimbursement GA111 12/1/17
Complaints/Grievance Process GA112 5/7/18
Harassment GA113 5/7/18 
Whistleblower Protection GA114 5/14/24
Document Retention GA115 10/14/10
Licensed Officials Clinics - Outside Providers GA116 9/30/19
Process Approval Chart GA117 9/12/22
Public Relations and Promotion of USHJA GA118 11/21/23
 Committee Sponsorship and Donor Development GA119 7/12/21
Background Check and Screening Policy GA120 5/7/18
Internal Conduct Review Process GA 121 7/12/21
Policy Name Policy Number Date Approved
Zone Geography & U.S. Territories MEM100 3/14/17
Membership Categories MEM101 5/9/22
Organization Membership MEM102 5/9/22
Horse Registration MEM103 5/18/20
Membership Benefits MEM104 5/18/20
Modifications to Member Residence MEM105 5/18/20
Athlete Definition MEM106 3/8/21
Dues and Fees  MEM107 5/9/22

Member Primary Discipline Designation

MEM108 5/8/23
Policy Name Policy Number Date Approved
Board Code of Conduct BOD100 9/9/11
BOD Voting Between Meetings BOD101 7/10/23
Election Cycle BOD102 11/19/18
Director and Officer Job Descriptions BOD103 9/9/19
President Job Description BOD104 11/14/22
Vice President Job Description BOD105 11/14/22
Secretary/Treasurer Job Description BOD106-107 3/28/22
Director At-Large Job Description BOD108 3/9/20

Outside General Counsel Job Description 

BOD109 5/14/24
Policy Name Policy Number Date Approved
Confidentiality Policy COM100 7/13/20
Standing Committees - Chair Responsibilities COM101 7/10/23
Zone Committees - Composition COM102 11/19/18
Seating of Committees - Timeframe COM103 3/8/21
Working Group/Task Force Responsibilities COM104 7/10/23
Committee Voting Between Meetings COM139 7/10/23
Standing Committees
Budget and Finance Charter COM105 5/18/20
Audit Charter COM106 5/18/20
Conduct Review Charter COM107 5/18/20
Planning Charter COM108 5/18/20
Rules Charter COM109 5/18/20
Governance Charter COM110 5/18/20
Competition Management Charter COM111 5/18/20
Competition Standards Charter COM112 5/18/20
Horse and Rider Charter COM113 5/18/20
Awards Committee Charter COM133 6/29/20

Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy Committee Charter

COM135 5/17/21
Safety Committee Charter COM136 9/13/21
Hunter Committees
Hunter Working Group Charter COM114 5/18/20
Children's/Adult Amateur Hunter Task Force Charter COM115 5/18/20
Hunter Breeding Task Force Charter COM116 5/18/20
International Hunter Derby & Green Hunter Incentive Task Force Charter COM117 5/18/20
National Hunter Derby Task Force Charter COM118 5/18/20
Junior Hunter Task Force Charter COM119 5/18/20
Pony Task Force Charter COM120 5/18/20
World Championship Hunter Rider Task Force Charter COM121 5/18/20
Joint Committees
Joint Owners Task Force Charter COM122 5/18/20
Joint Amateurs Task Force Charter COM123 5/18/20
Joint Equitation Task Force Charter COM124 5/18/20
Jumper Committees
Jumper Working Group Charter COM125 5/18/20
Emerging Jumper Rider Task Force Charter COM126 5/18/20
NAYC PDS Task Force Charter COM127 5/18/20
Young Jumper Task Force Charter  COM128 5/18/20

Zone Chef d’Equipe Selection Task Force Charter

COM138 5/8/23
Education Committees
Emerging Athletes Program Committee Charter COM129 5/18/20
Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Committee Charter COM130 5/18/20
Officials Education Committee Charter COM131 5/18/20
Zone Committees Charter COM132 5/18/20
RRA Charter COM134 3/8/21
Stewards Committee Charter COM137 3/14/22
Policy Name Policy Number Date Approved
Zone Election Cycle ZON100 11/21/23
Zone Committee Responsibilities ZON101 9/9/19
Annual Declaration of Home Zone (Geography & U.S. Territories) ZON102 3/14/17
Policy Name Policy Number Date Approved

Affiliate Councils (Regional Groups and National Council) Formation Timeline

AFF100 5/17/21
Policy Name Policy Number Date Approved
Nominating Committee TER100 9/9/19
Working Group TER101 9/9/19
Working Group Task Force TER102 5/9/22
Committees TER103 9/9/19
Standing Sport Committees TER104 9/9/19
Zone Committees TER105 9/9/19
National Officer Vacancies TER106 11/19/18
Director Vacancies TER107 11/19/18
Policy Name Policy Number Date Approved
Nominating Committee Function NOM100 11/19/18
Confidentiality NOM101 11/19/18
Nominating Committee Member Meeting Requirement NOM102 11/19/18
Nominating Committee Election Timelines - President & Officer/Director NOM103 3/8/21
Nominating Committee Member Election Cycle NOM104 5/18/20
Policy Name Policy Number Date Approved
Policy Name Policy Number Date Approved
Foundation Bylaws FOU100 11/18/19
Gift Acceptance Policy FOU101 10/27/21