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May 2012–September 2012

It all starts with a pony…

Some of equestrian sport’s greatest athletes and moments can be traced back to a PONY! Throughout their history ponies have often been referred to as the Wee Warriors of the horse world, but many of these half-pint equines have achieved their discipline’s highest honors and often started their riders’ Olympic dreams.

The 2012 Wheeler Museum exhibit, Ponies Through the Decades, paid homage to a vital part of both the sport of horse showing itself and the people and ponies throughout history who influenced us all.

Spectacular sterling silver goblets, gorgeous ribbon displays, specially created Breyer® Horses, wardrobe items, and exquisite retired trophies from such prestigious shows as Devon, were just a few of the precious items the USHJA received from people all over the country who support the USHJA’s efforts to perpetuate our sport’s origins.