USHJA Hunter Team Challenge

The USHJA Hunter Team Challenge offers a unique team experience for riders competing in the 2’-2’6” Children’s Pony Hunters, 2’6” Low Child/Adult Hunters and 3’ Children’s/Adult Amateur Hunter divisions. Riders who participate in the Hunter Team Challenge have an opportunity to earn bonus Zone Horse of the Year Points in their respective divisions.

There are no qualifying procedures, but riders must meet the eligibility requirements listed in the specifications. To participate, riders must pre-enter with the horse show on a first come, first served basis. Sixteen horses in each of the three sections (Children’s Pony, Low Child/Adult and Children’s/Adult Amateur) will be accepted for a total of 48 participating in the HTC.

What to Expect

The Hunter Team Challenge will take place over two competitive days in four locations: Northeast, Southeast, Central and West, with a rider meeting the day before Day One.

  • Entering Procedure: Riders will enter directly with host Horse Show. Host locations are available on the calendar. Deadlines for Hunter Team Challenge entries will follow the host's entering deadline policy. Sixteen horses in each of the three sections (Children’s Pony, Low Child/Adult and Children’s/Adult Amateur) for a total of 48 participants will be accepted on a first come first serve basis from the entry deadline."
  • Rider Meeting: riders attend to review rules, scoring and draw of teams.
  • Day One: HTC classes will run concurrently with the horse show’s regular division classes as an overlay. 
  • Day Two: Under saddle will be held at the start of Day Two. Each height section will have their own under saddle class: 3’ Children’s and Adult Amateur, 2’6” Low Child and Adult, and Children’s Pony.
  • Final Round: Will be held immediately following the under saddle on Day 2. All teams will return for a final Classic-style over fences round. The Final Round will receive Ribbons 1st-8th, and the highest scoring rider from the Final Round will receive a trophy.   Overall HTC team award presentations to follow the individual placings from the final classic round.


Teams are comprised of a minimum of three and maximum of horses and determined by a random draw. Each team will have one horse from each height section (one 3’ Child or Adult, one 2’6” Child or Adult, and one 2’-2’6” Pony) until all teams possible have one horse of each section. All remaining horses will be randomly drawn to a team. A maximum of 12 total teams are possible.


Riders will receive a numerical score 0- 100 from the two over fences rounds in their regular division classes on Day One. On Day Two Riders will receive a numerical score from their respective under saddle classes. Individual’s scores from those three classes will be added for an Overall score that is added to their Team’s score.

A rider’s overall score will be determined by adding together their numerical score received from their regular division
classes on Day One and their score from the Team Challenge under saddle class on Day Two. In each phase, except the Final Round, the lowest team member score will be dropped.

All riders following the under saddle on Day 2 will return to the Final Round. Each rider will receive a numerical score 0-100 for their placing in the round. In the final classic round  the highest scored rider from each Team  will be doubled and added to the Final Team Score. All other scores will be dropped from the final classic round.

The Overall Team Champion is the team with the highest overall score from Day One, Day Two, and the Final Round.


(Effective 12/1/2023 through 11/30/2024)

USHJA Hunter Team Challenge Guidelines for

USHJA Hunter Team Challenge Guidelines for