How It Works

Microchipping Process

The American Association of Equine Practitioners has determined that the implantation of a microchip is a veterinary procedure. The USHJA recommends that a licensed veterinarian supervise this procedure.

The following steps will be conducted to microchip your horse:

  • Before the microchip is implanted, the horse should be properly identified and checked for an existing microchip with a reader
  • The microchip should be implanted in the nuchal ligament, halfway between the poll and the withers on the left side of the horse
  • After the microchip has been implanted, it should be checked again with a reader to verify that it is still readable

Reporting Your Horse’s Chip Number to USEF

Once a horse is microchipped, you may report your microchip number to the USEF through any of the following methods:

  • Online by signing into your My USEF My Wayaccount and updating your horse’s record
  • Faxing to (859) 231-6662 or emailing to the Microchip Reporting Form, which may be used to report chip numbers for multiple horses
  • Completing the microchip field on a USEF Horse Recording/ ID Application

If your horse is not yet recorded with USEF or registered with the USHJA, you will need to com­plete a Horse Recording Form AND fill out the microchip number field on that form.