USHJA Green Hunter Incentive Program: Enroll 

The Green Hunter Incentive program is open to horses of any age that are eligible to compete as a Green Hunter under United States Equestrian Federation rules. Horses must be enrolled in the Green Hunter Incentive Program and registered with the USHJA and recorded with the USEF prior to competing in a Green Hunter Stake class. Only horses appearing on the Enrolled Horses List are eligible to compete.

Annual Enrollment Fee:

Enrollment fees are non-refundable.

 Opening Date of Enrollment until February 1 of each series - $350 
• February 2 until June 1 of each series- $550 
• June 2 until November 30 of each series - $750

Horses may only be enrolled online, and if enrolled during a competition, the horse’s enrollment date will be considered the first day of the competition at which it was enrolled. It is the owner/exhibitor’s responsibility to enroll his or her horse in a timely manner in order to be eligible to participate. There will be no exceptions allowed regarding enrollment dates and fees for program eligibility.

In order for a horse's results to show on the standings, the horse must be enrolled in that category (3'-3'3 or 3'6-3'9).

Enrollment in non-refundable and non-transferable.

Slots Now Available

Supporters of the program can purchase enrollment slots at the current rate and designate the specific horse(s) to them at a later date that year. 

To utilize the slot system:

1. Contact the office at 859-225-6700 and purchase the desired number of slots. 

2. Once you have ascertained which horse will use the slot, fill out this form and submit it to the office. Once the form is received the horse will be added to the enrolled horses list and can compete in the USHJA Green Hunter Incentive. 

Please note: Owners may purchase a slot in the program at the current rate and name a horse to that slot at a later date. Only results achieved by the horse after it is assigned to the slot will count in program standings and qualifying for championships. Slots expire at the end of the competition year the same as the regular enrollment. They are non-transferrable; they cannot be sold to another owner and a horse cannot be substituted for one already assigned. Any slots that are unused will stay dedicated to the current year's purse and will not roll over.

2021 USHJA Green Hunter Incentive Program

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