2021 USHJA Zone Committee Member Elections

Welcome! Thank you for your membership, and we look forward to your participation in the Zone Committee member elections.

As a Senior Active or Senior Associate member in good standing, you are eligible to participate in the nomination and election process for USHJA Zone Committee members within your Zone.

The USHJA Zone Committee is made up of a minimum of 15 members: six representatives (three designated Hunter and three designated Jumper) elected by the Zone membership, four members appointed by Affiliate Member Organizations (with the largest number of members), and a minimum of five individuals are appointed by the USHJA President.

The following provides an overview of the process for the 2021 Zone Elections. For more information on the election process, click here. For more information about the responsibilities of the Zone Committee, click here.

Zone Elections Timeline:

January 1

Nominations open for Zone Committee members.

March 1 Nominations close. The names of nominees who meet the eligibility requirements go to the Zone Nominating Committee for their consideration, and the Zone Nominating Committee will choose which nominees are added to the ballot.
May 15

Zone Committee elections open. Ballots and biographies of nominees will be posted to the USHJA Zone webpage and members will be able to review and vote for candidates.

July 1

Zone elections close.

On or before July 15

USHJA will notify each newly elected Zone Committee member following the finalization of election results.

On or before July 31 The four largest USHJA Affiliate Member Organizations in each zone, as determined by their number of members, will be contacted to recommend a candidate for appointment to the Zone Committee.

A call will be conducted with each Zone Committee to receive their recommendations on Chair and Vice-Chair

The President’s recommended appointments to Zone Committee will go forward to the Board or Executive Committee for review.

October The newly created Zone Committee will attend the existing Zone Committee meeting to learn about the progress of the Zone’s work.

The newly created Zone Committees will be seated.

To view the complete timeline for Zone elections, click here.


Zone Elections Questions and Answers:

Who makes up the Zone Committees?
The Zone Committees consist of six representatives (three designated Hunter and three designated Jumper); four members representing Affiliate Member Organizations (with the largest number of members); and a minimum of five individuals appointed by the USHJA President.

What happens if too few are nominated?
If additional nominees must be added, the Zone Nominating Committee may put forward additional nominees with regard to: Zone level experience, geographic balance, technical expertise, governance expertise and constituency representation.

Can members nominate more than one person?

Can someone nominate himself or herself?
Yes. You may nominate yourself for a position, provided you meet the criteria and qualifications outlined.