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Education is one of the primary goals of the USHJA. The USHJA Directory of Clinics is a resource for the public to obtain information about upcoming Hunter/Jumper clinics by area. Click here to add a clinic to this directory

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Barn Fire Safety and Prevention
Dr. Rebecca Husted from Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue discusses everything you need to know for barn fire safety and prevention. This webinar will provide an essential checklist for horse owners, riders and barn managers to do the prevention and mitigation that will increase the efficiency of response to the reality of barn fires. You only have five to seven minutes to remove everything you love—will your plan work? Find out in this webinar!

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October 18 Webinar

Trailer Safety
Dr. Rebecca Husted from Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue returns to discuss all aspects of trailer safety. This webinar will look at common mistakes with trailers and give you important information for prevention and mitigation that will increase your personal safety in the truck, your horses' safety in the trailer and prevent a crash in the first place!

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November 2 Webinar

Frank Madden Clinic at Blackjack Farms
Birmingham, AL

Blackjack Farms Equestrian Facility offers:
New all-weather footing in the Grand Prix arena, 225'x275'
New all-weather footing in the Hunter arena, 125'x200'
Covered arena
Permanent restrooms
Stabling available + $50 per night
Parking close to arenas
3 double wash stalls

Contact J Michael Halbleib at

Pre-registartion advised

November 12-14 Zone 4

Anne Kursinski Clinic at Market Street, Inc.
Frenchtown, NJ

Riders- $1000 (includes one auditor), 3 days
Auditors- $65 per day or $175 for 3 days

2'9"-3' section- 9am-11am
3'3"-3'36" section- 11:15am-1:15pm
3'9"-4' section- 2pm-4pm

Stabling available

Many of Anne's sponsors wil be offering giveaways, prizes, information, and comlimentary meals.

Contact 908-229-5297 or email for more information

November 12-14 Zone 2


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