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Education is one of the primary goals of the USHJA. The USHJA Directory of Clinics is a resource for the public to obtain information about upcoming Hunter/Jumper clinics by area. Click here to add a clinic to this directory

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Richard Watson - Venice, FL
Fox Lea Farm

Contact: Kimberly Farrell
Phone: (941) 809-6365

 February 5, 2019  Zone 4
Bernie Traurig Clinic - Colorado Springs, CO

Fountain Valley School

February 8, 2019 Zone 8

Melanie Smith Taylor Clinic -  New Braunfels, TX
Hill Country Academy 
USHJA Certified Trainer/Clinician, Olympic Gold medal and Triple Crown of Showjumping winner Melanie Smith Taylor will be conducting an intensive 4-hour clinic about horsemanship, relationships and communication between rider and horse.  She will also address common rider problems (equitation) and suggest ways to identify and correct them.  This is an UNMOUNTED clinic and is suitable for riders of all ages- child through adult.  TRAINERS are encouraged to attend and submit topics of interest beforehand that Melanie could address.  

An luncheon with an open question and answer session will be served at noon.
Please don't miss this unique opportunity to learn about horsemanship from someone who has competed at the highest levels of our sport and spent her entire lifetime studying the relationship between horse and rider!

Contact: Stephanie Cook, (210) 781-1812

February 10, 2019 Zone 7
Bernie Traurig Clinic - Okemah, OK

Southern Hill Riding Academy

Contact Info: Kim Dryer, (908) 810-9567

February 16-17, 2019 Zone 7

Timmy Kees Clinic - West Palm Beach, FL
Jim Brandon Equestrian Center
Free riding clinic for Zone 4 members. To register, please contact Carrie Buxton.

Phone: (561) 635-8645 

February 18, 2019 Zone 4

Richard Watson - Venice, FL
Fox Lea Farm

Contact: Kimberly Farrell
Phone: (941) 809-6365

February 19, 2019 Zone 4

Bernie Traurig Clinic - Castro Valley Beach, CA
Shiloh West Equestrian Center 
Please contact Kelly Maddox at for more information. 

Contact: Kelly Maddox, (925) 575-4818

March 1-3, 2019 Zone 10

Julie Winkle Clinic - Santa Fe, NM
This two-day clinic is open to riders of all levels. Riders will be grouped together based on experience level of rider/horse combination. Rider cost is $600 per horse and includes one stall with two bags of shavings as well as continental breakfast. Trainers and their established clients are eligible for multi-horse pricing as are riders entering on multiple horses in the clinic. Auditing opportunities are available with an Early Bird pricing of $40/day or $70 for both days and is available until 5 pm MST, Wednesday, February 27, 2019. Please apply on-line at

Contact Info: Phyllis Gonzales, (504) 474-0999

March 9-10, 2019  Zone 8

Bernie Traurig Clinic - Vass, NC
There will be 2 days of sections from 2'6"-3'6" with privates available on Friday.
There will be stalls available and a dinner Saturday night for $385.

For any questions please call Tiffany Tetter 215-262-7677

Contact Info: Tiffany Teeter, (215) 262-7677

March 15-17, 2019 Zone 3

TCP Clinic - Diane Carney - Washoe Valley, NV
Franktown Meadow Equestrian Facility

Contact: Lynne MacLean
March 23-24, 2019 Zone 10

Nick Karazissis Clinic - Portola Valley, CA
Spring Down Equestrian Center  

Contact Info: Carol Goodstein, (650) 851-1114

March 26-28, 2019 Zone 10
Melanie Smith Taylor Clinic - Sherwood, CO

The Sherwood Forest Equestrian Center

April 5, 2019 Zone 8
Bernie Traurig Clinic - Sugar Grove, IL

There will be four sections offered: beginner/green horse, 2'6"-3', 3'3"-3'6", 3'6" and higher.  It is a 3 day progressive clinic format, Friday is for private and semi-private lessons.  There will be a dinner Saturday night featuring a Q&A with Bernie Traurig.  Auditors are welcome to attend.  Breakfast and lunch are offered each day.  Maximum of 6 riders per section.

Contact Info: John Berkos, (630) 270-8832

April 5-7, 2019 Zone 5

Joe Fargis Clinic - Lloyd Harbor, NY
The Long Island Professional Horseman's Association proudly offers a clinic on April 6th and 7th at the Lloyd Harbor Equestrian Center with 3 time Olympic medalist Joe Fargis. 2', 2'6, and 3' sections will be offered and run approx. an hour and a half each with a flat session on day one and an over fences session on day two.  Space is limited and reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Please reserve your spot by March 30th.
Rider Fees- one day $250
                     two days: $450
Aduit Fees: Non-member: $20/ day
                     PHA Member: $15/day

Contact Info: Stephanie Proffe, (516) 865-7508

April 6-7, 2019  Zone 1
Julie Winkel Clinic - Sparks Glencoe, MD

Four Sections with 4-5 riders per section
1. 2-2'6
2. 2'9-3'3
3. 3'6 and up
4. Jumpers
Auditing- $30 for one day or $50 for both days
$500 for 2 days/progressive clinic participants doing both days will be given priority.

Contact Info: Ann Thal, (941) 730-1165

April 13-14, 2019 Zone 3

Bernie Traurig Clinic - Fort Collins, CO
Peaceable Kingdom
First day, Friday, April 19 - Private ($200/rider) and semi-private ($150/rider, limit two riders per lesson) lessons. 8 total. 
Saturday & Sunday, April 20-21 - Progressive clinic ($500/rider, groups limited to five riders). Heights offered:
Crossrail/Green Horse

Contact: Catherine Jameson
Phone: (970) 691-6941

April 19-21, 2019 Zone 8

Julie Winkel Clinic - Penryn, CA

Contact: Patty Ball, (916) 804-9363

May 25-26, 2019 Zone 10

Julie Winkle Clinic - Temperance, MI
Clinic will provide 2 dys with 1.5 hour session per day. Session offered will from novice rider through advanced 3'6" and higher, four sessions per day with a maximum of 6 riders per session.  We will also be offering a symposium with Julie Winkle presenting "What Judges are looking for" along with a dinner Saturday (time and cost tba)
Cost of the clinic is $650 per rider/horse. Reservations will require a $150 non-refundable deposit. Deposits received by 3/15/2019 will receive a $50 discount on the clinic cost.  Stalls are available on a first come first serve basis, 10'x11' at $100 weekend, 12'x13' at $120. Bedding available at $8 per bag.  Stonehaven Farms is located 5 miles from Toledo, OH boarder as well as 5 miles from I-75 and US 23 Expressway.

Contact Info: Donna Rothman, (419) 460-5724

June 1-2, 2019 Zone 5

Bernie Traurig Clinic - Baton Rogue, LA
Farr Park Equestrian Center

Contact Info: Louisiana Equine Council, (337) 258-7040

June 15-16, 2019 Zone 7
Daniel Marks, Chrysann Collatos, and Julie Winkel Clinics  - Reno, NV

Maplewood Stables, Inc. 
For the third consecutive year, Maplewood's Super September educational programs include a Sport Horse Conformation Seminar with veterinarians Danny Marks (a Show Jumping Hall of Fame member) and Chrysann Collatos as well as conformation expert and judge Julie Winkel. The Sport Horse Conformation Seminar is an approved continuing education clinic for R-rated judges and applicants to fulfill their licensing requirements. 

They will analyze and discuss the conformation and athletic attributes of a variety of sport horses, from young prospects to dressage horses, show hunters, and Grand Prix jumping veterans. The seminar will include educational seminars, classroom instruction and live judging practice.  

Contact: Julie Winkel, (775) 849-1849
September 9-10, 2019 Zone 10
Linda Allen and Meghan Rawlins Clinics - Reno, NV

Maplewood Stables, Inc. 
The Reno Course Design School, with clinicians Linda Allen and Meghan Rawlins, includes classroom instruction, on-site course design and live jumping demonstrations. The Reno Course Design School is an approved continuing education clinic for USEF/USHJA R-rated and r-rated course designers and applicants to fulfill their licensing requirements. 

The school is also open to auditors, riders, trainers and anyone interested in understanding the nuts and bolts of quality course construction to improve your horses and your competitive edge. The school will also cover practical advice from walking Jumper and Equitation courses. Analysis and discussion will take place after observing horses jumping the various tracks and lines. 

Contact: Julie Winkel, (775) 849-1849
September 10-12, 2019 Zone 10
Linda Allen and Meghan Rawlins Clinics - Reno, NV

Maplewood Stables, Inc. 
The Reno Judge's School is an approved continuing education clinic for R-rated and r-rated judges and applicants to fulfill their licensing requirements. While covering material used in the United States Hunter Jumper Association Licensed Official judge's clinics, the Reno Judge's School curriculum will also include materials from the comprehensive Arabian Horse Association Judges & Exhibitors School, classroom instruction, roundtable discussion and live judging practice. 

The school is also open to auditors, riders, trainers and anyone interested in learning more about judging and the processes involved, from ethics and integrity to bookkeeping, rules and licensing. 

Contact: Julie Winkel, (775) 849-1849
September 13-15, 2019 Zone 10
TCP Clinic - Julie Winkel & Juliana Zunde - Reno, NV
Maplewood Stables, Inc.

Contact: Julie Winkel
September 16-17, 2019 Zone 10

Bernie Traurig Clinic - Reno, NV
Meadow View Farms
Sessions will cover all jumping disciplines from Novice to Advanced and all heights 
Auditors are welcome 
A Saturday evening unmounted session with Bernie will be offered
All participants will receive a 50% discounted annual membership to

Contact: Tiffany Coury, (941) 807-1426

December 7-8, 2019 Zone 10


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