Zone 2 Competition

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Zone 2 Horse of the Year Hunter & Jumper
September 20-24, 2023
Princeton Show Jumping Fall 1

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Horse of the Year Hunter Championship

Qualifying Criteria for Hunters

  • 2023 Zone 2 Hunter Qualifying period will run from September 1, 2022 – August 1, 2023.
  • Entries must have earned at least one point in their section to be eligible for the Zone 2 Hunter Championship. Horse and rider must be recorded in Zone 2 and points count only from Zone 2.

Acceptance for Hunters

  • Horses will be accepted based on cumulative points from their top 15 competitions, regardless of Channel, during the qualifying period.
  • The points from the top 15 shows will be calculated cumulatively from their best Channel 1 and Channel 2 competitions into a single point total which will determine their ranking on the qualified list.  Essentially, this remains the same as qualifying prior to the Channeling system. 

Horse of the Year Jumper Championship

There will be no qualifying or application process for Zone 2 HOTY Jumper Championship.  Classes will be open to all Zone 2 horses and riders.   

SPECIFICATIONS - Zone Horse of the Year

Zone 2 Equitation Championship
September 20-24, 2023
Princeton Show Jumping Fall 1

SPECIFICATIONS - Equitation Championship