USHJA Affiliate Organization Members

USHJA supports local competitive and educational opportunities for Hunter/Jumper equestrians through its Zone structure and affiliate organization members.

What is a USHJA Affiliate Member Organization?icon_FindAffiliate.png

Affiliate member organizations local, state, regional and national organizations, clubs, associations, corporations and other groups that conduct equestrian competitions or other programs or events; educational institutions that offer equine-related programs; and other organizations approved by the Board of Directors that have united together to form an association.

Benefits of Joining

Membership Benefits

  • FREE Outreach Membership for USHJA Affiliate Organization members (must submit membership list to
  • Receive 50% off of USHJA Education Membership for USHJA Affiliate Organization members. Contact Melanie Mader for promo code.

Organizational Support & Potential Member Discounts

  • Affiliate Organization Grants: USHJA will provide up to $500 annually per Affiliate to support competition, educational and organizational programs. Click here to apply
  • Discounts on national products and services


  • Affiliate Awards Program & Affiliate Year-End High Point Award
  • Special Rates on Hodges Badge ribbons—contact USHJA Awards for order
  • Prize Possessions awards discount

Sport & Competition

  • USHJA Affiliate Championships held during the Marshall & Sterling Insurance/USHJA National Championships – Each USHJA Affiliate may nominate up to 3 horse/rider combinations per section
  • USHJA Affiliate logo and banner to display at shows, clinics, websites, prize lists, etc


  • Subscription to the USHJA In Stride bi-monthly magazine
  • Feature your Affiliate news in our USHJA E-News -  providing important news, reminders, resources and information


Governance Opportunities

  •  USHJA Affiliate Council and Regional Groups
    • Each Affiliate is encouraged to elect one individual to sit on the Affiliate Regional Group.
    • From the Regional Groups, one individual from each Zone will be elected to sit on the National Affiliate Council
    • National Affiliate Council, one individual will be seated on the USHJA Board of Directors.
  • Potential Zone Committee representation

​​​​​​To learn more about the available opportunities for USHJA Affiliate Member Organizations and their programs, contact Melanie Mader at (859) 225-6722.

  (Effective 12/1/2022 through 11/30/2023)