Mini EAP

The USHJA invites trainers, riding facilities, clubs, or other associations to host a Mini EAP clinic for your students. Mini EAP provides an introduction to the Emerging Athletes Program's goal of “opening eyes and opening doors” for developing riders, ensuring that all levels of equestrian athletes have access to a strong educational foundation both in the saddle and in the barn.

Mini EAP will offer five levels of clinic curricula, and clinic hosts may select the level(s) best suited for their group of riders.

Any USHJA member or member organization may host a Mini EAP clinic. Clinics can be run as one- or two-day sessions, depending on the preference and availability of the host. Clinics will include both riding and stable management instruction, which may be taught by the same instructor (the clinic host may also be the instructor for either or both portions). The riding instructor must be a USHJA Credentialed Instructor or Certified Trainer.

Hosts must submit a Mini EAP Clinic Application to at least 45 days prior to the clinic start date along with the hosting fee ($200 for USHJA Credentialed Instructors or Certified Trainers, Recognized Riding Academies and Affiliates; $250 for all others).

Prior to the clinic, hosts will receive a clinic kit from USHJA, which will contain:

  • The curriculum for the designated level, including riding and stable management’s instructor’s manuals and tests
  • Marketing materials for the clinic
  • Liability waivers to be completed by all participants
  • Attendee contact information form

To see if a Mini EAP clinic is being hosted in your area, visit our Directory of Clinics.


What level of rider is Mini EAP designed to teach?
Mini EAP offers five levels of educational materials covering a wide range of riding and stable management topics. The material covered in each level can be adapted at the clinician(s)’s discretion to suit the participants’ ages, knowledge and ability levels. You can find an outline of the topics covered in each level here .

What is the benefit of hosting a Mini EAP?
By hosting a Mini EAP clinic, you will be able to offer riders in your program a unique introduction to the concepts and structure of the Emerging Athletes Program, helping them continue to develop a strong foundation of both riding and stable management fundamentals. In addition, hosting a Mini EAP clinic provides the host with additional marketing opportunities through USHJA, including promotion of the clinic on the USHJA website and official email communications.

What should I charge Mini EAP participants?
Hosts are permitted to set clinic fees at their discretion. USHJA does not have a recommended clinic fee, as various factors may affect the costs of hosting a clinic, including clinician(s) fees, stabling/facility usage if the clinic is hosted over more than one day, and number of expected participants.

Can I combine Mini EAP with my summer camp or other previously scheduled clinic/event?
Yes. The Mini EAP curriculum may be used as a supplement/guideline for a camp or clinic, but it is not required to be its own event. The only requirements are that the clinician(s) cover the topics outlined in the curriculum and administer the included tests at the end of the clinic.

Can a Mini EAP clinic offer more than one curriculum level?
Yes. Clinic hosts should purchase the curriculum level that best suits their group of participants; if the participants have varying ability levels, the host may choose to purchase more than one level and offer multiple groups at their clinic. Up to two additional levels may be purchased at a discounted rate of $100/level.

Are all clinicians required to be certified?
The riding clinician must be a USHJA Credentialed Instructor or Certified Trainer. The stable management clinician is not required to be a Credentialed Instructor or Certified Trainer, but it is recommended. Please note that it is not mandatory to have two different clinicians, if the clinician has the required knowledge to teach both the riding and stable management portions of the curriculum. The host may also serve as the riding and/or stable management clinician.

How should I plan the schedule for my Mini EAP clinic?
The clinic may be hosted over one or two days, depending on the preferences and availability of the host. Each clinic must offer at least one riding and one stable management session for each participant, and scheduling of these sessions may be done at the host’s discretion. Depending on the number and ability level of participants, the host may choose to divide participants into smaller groups to be rotated between riding and stable management sessions, and/or divide the curriculum into segments to be taught in multiple sessions over the course of the clinic.