Volunteer of the Year Award

The Volunteer of the Year award is the highest USHJA honor awarded to a volunteer. At the end of the year the President and staff review what has happened over the past 12 months. Volunteers are reviewed on: new programs, continuing programs, the direction of our sport, volunteers behind the scenes who work the long hours with a passion for bringing our sport forward and providing a safe, fair and understandable sport for our fellow equestrians. With all these factors in mind one volunteer usually stands out among the rest. The recipient of this award remains a secret until the Evening of Equestrians Awards Dinner when the award is presented.

Past Winners

2022: Amy Center
2021: Jill Cornforth
2020: Fran Dotoli
2019: USHJA Planning Committee
2018: Pat Boyle
2017: Cheryl Rubenstein
2016: David Distler 
2015: Debbie Bass 
2014: Bill Rube 
2013: Colleen McQuay 
2012: Mary Babick
2011: Jane Dow-Burt
2010: Craig Dobbs
2009: Shelley Campf & Ron Danta
2008: Mindy Darst
2007: Shelby French
2006: Geoff Teall
2005: Beth Miner
2004: Mr. and Mrs. Cortwright Wetherill, Jr.