Instructor Credential Frequently Asked Questions

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What does "in good standing" mean?

The member does not have any non-medical USEF suspensions, has a current USHJA membership above the Outreach level, and has completed the Safe Sport training annually.

Why can’t I view the online courses on my phone?

If you are trying to access the courses from a phone that utilizes the Safari browser, pop-ups are generally blocked by default. Go to your phone’s Settings, then to Safari, and disable the “Block Pop-Ups” feature.

I am a USEF Licensed Official with a current background check. Can I use that for the purpose of this program?

Current USEF Licensed Officials who have a background check dated within 6 months of the start date of the Live Workshop and Examination for which they are already enrolled may contact USEF’s background check entity (NCSI) directly and request a secured copy of their USEF background check. A PDF copy can then be emailed to for verification. If approved, staff will mark this requirement complete. Contact NCSI at or call 866-996-7412.

Do I have to be a USEF member to access the Safe Sport training?

While being a USEF member is not required to earn the Instructor Credential, individuals must have a paid USEF membership in order to access the Safe Sport courses. The Subscriber membership is the most affordable at $25 per year. Click here to register for a USEF membership.

Why do I have to complete a Candidate Experience Form?

The purpose of this requirement is for participants to gain at least 40 hours of experience instructing riders in mounted and unmounted lessons before attending a Live Workshop and Examination where they will teach front of their peers and be evaluated by an examiner(s). Earning the Instructor Credential asks a lot of participants so to ensure that live session attendees get the most out of their experience, we want to help set them up for success.

Why does it take 30 days before I know if I am Credentialed?

During the live session, each examiner takes thorough notes about each candidates’ examination lessons. After the session, examiners compare their notes to the rubric and use it to mark each candidate’s scorecard. They leave personalized feedback with recommended action items for candidates to use to improve their teaching techniques. Due to the time necessary for examiners to provide thoughtful, individualized comments and for staff to process scores for 12 attendees, it can take up to 30 days for candidates to hear back about their Credentialed status.

Are there grants available to help me cover the costs of participating?

To support members in their pursuit of personal and professional goals, the USHJA offers grants to eligible USHJA Instructor Credential participants who complete the online coursework and attend a Live Workshop and Examination in full (earning Credentialed Instructor status is not required). Click here for more information about zone grants and click here for information about the Naomi Blumenthal Memorial Training Grant.

TCP Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to my TCP Certification?

TCP Certifications will be honored through November 30, 2025 so long as the Trainer remains in good standing. Starting competition year 2026, all TCP Certifications will expire. Current TCP Trainers in good standing are eligible for a 50% discount toward the completion of the Instructor Credential by December 1, 2025. Certified Trainers who successfully complete the Instructor Credential program will be awarded the credential and their TCP certification will end.

How do I maintain my TCP status?

TCP Trainers must maintain a USHJA membership above the Outreach level, complete the Safe Sport training annually, and not have any non-medical USEF suspensions to remain in good standing. Trainers have a 30-day grace period from the dates of expiration to update these requirements. Insurance submissions are no longer required. TCP Trainers who fail to remain in good standing will be repealed and forfeit all available discounts and credits.

My dashboard is showing a different fee for the Instructor Credential program. Why is that?

Current TCP Trainers in good standing are eligible for a 50% discount towards earning the credential so long as they have completed the program in full by December 1, 2025. This discount will automatically be applied at the time of registration for a live session. TCP Trainers who paid for a portion of their TCP renewal in 2020 are eligible for an additional credit which is also automatically applied at the time of checkout. All discounts and credits will be forfeited if the TCP Trainer’s certification is repealed for any reason.

Do I have to complete the Candidate Experience Form?

Because Certified Trainers already have teaching experience, this requirement is automatically waived for current TCP Trainers in good standing.

Will Certified Trainers remain listed on the Directory?

Certified Trainers will be included in on the Instructor Credential Directory provided they maintain the annual requirements for Safe Sport and USHJA membership.

Can I still buy a TCP Manual?

Yes, TCP Manuals are available for purchase. Click here for an order form.

Who can I contact for more information?

Contact the USHJA Instructor Credential Coordinator at or 859-225-6700 with questions or for more information.