Contacting The USHJA

United States Hunter Jumper Association
3870 Cigar Lane
Lexington, KY 40511
Phone: (859) 225-6700
Fax: (859) 258-9033


General Department Emails

Membership & Horse Services

Submit individual and organizational memberships, and horse registration, horse transfer, and horse lease questions to this mailbox.

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USHJA Committee Interest

Submit inquiries to the mailbox if interested in serving on a USHJA Committee.

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Points Corrections

USHJA Members seeking points corrections, or information should submit inquiries to this mailbox.

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USHJA Grievances

Submit all general USHJA related complaints to this mailbox.

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USHJA Educational Programs

Submit questions on Emerging Athletes Program (EAP), Horsemanship Quiz Challenge (HQC), Gold Star Clinics, Recognized Riding Academy (RRA), Instructor Credential, Licensed Officials’ Clinics, Webinars, Wheeler Museum, and other education related topics to this mailbox.

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USHJA Horse Welfare

Submit horse safety or welfare related concerns to this mailbox.

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USHJA Competitive Programs

Submit questions related to USHJA Hunter, Jumper, and Equitation Programs, and the USHJA Outreach Program and USHJA National Championships to this mailbox.

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Sexual or Non-Sexual
Misconduct Incidents

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USHJA Awards

Submit Zone HOTY and USHJA Program awards questions to this mailbox.

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Staff_Website_Britt.jpg Britt McCormick
DavidDistler.jpg David Distler
National Vice President
RobinRB.jpg Robin Rost-Brown
Vice President
CharSkinnerRobson.jpg Charlotte Skinner-Robson
Vice President
Placeholder.png John Bahret

  Executive Director

KevinPrice.jpg Kevin Price
Executive Director
(859) 225-6701

  Finance Department


Lisa Moss
Chief Financial Officer
(859) 225-6712

HeatherSinclair.jpg Heather Sinclair
(859) 225-6727

Georgia Holbrook
Accounting Manager
(859) 225-6711

Staff_Website_TaylorWeinold.jpg Taylor Wienold
Senior Accountant
(859) 225-6719
JamieMartinez.jpg Jamie Martinez
 Accounting Analyst & Office Manager
(859) 225-6709

  Executive Operations

WhitneyAllen.jpg Whitney Allen
Director of Operations
(859) 225-6707
MaryHopeKramer.jpg Mary Hope Kramer
Executive Office Manager
(859) 225-6704

Olivia Arden
Business Analyst
(859) 225-6708


   General Counsel

Placeholder.png Marianne Kutner
USHJA Counsel
(917) 892-7249


Staff_Website_RussLongeway.jpg Russ Longeway
Managing Director of Membership & Customer Service
(859) 217-6744
Staff_Website_AlexisK.jpg Alexis Kolasa
Membership & Customer Service Coordinator
(859) 217-6741
Staff_Website_EricaSalley.jpg Erica Salley
Membership & Customer Service Coordinator
(859) 217-6742
Staff_Website_RachelLyman.jpg Rachel Lyman
Membership & Customer Service Assistant
(859) 217-6745
Staff_Website_MackenzieCrabrtee.jpg Mackenzie Crabtree
Membership & Customer Service Assistant
(859) 217-6743


JillInsko.jpg Jill Magee Insko
Managing Director of Sponsorship and Event Relations
(859) 225-6716
StaffPhoto_JillPitch.jpg Jill Pritchard
Sponsorship Fulfillment and Relations Manager
(859) 225-6711

  Sport & Association Services

LouiseTaylor.jpg Meredith Ekstedt

Director of Brand Marketing & Strategic Partnerships
(859) 225-6730


Terisé Cole
Senior Content/Editorial Manager
(859) 225-6723


Elizabeth Mayo
Marketing Manager
(859) 225-6724


MaryJo Peters
Communications Coordinator
(859) 225-6726

Staff_Website_JulieMercer.jpg Julie Mercer
Digital Content Coordinator
(859) 225-6732
TriciaBooker.jpg Tricia Booker
Editor of In Stride
(703) 431-7103

Suzanne Dorman
Managing Director of Art
(859) 225-6715

Placeholder.png Joshua Mims
Senior Designer
(859) 225-6718
RachelSow.jpg Rachel Milewski
(859) 225-6720
KristenRosenberg.jpg Kristin Rosenberg
Awards and Merchandise Manager
(859) 225-6710
Staff_Website_GwendolynHaag.jpg Gwendolyn Haag
Awards and Merchandise Coordinator
(859) 225-6702

 Hunter & Jumper Sport Programs

KatiePatrick.jpg Katie Patrick
Sport Director
(859) 225-6725
JenniferOster.jpg Jennifer Osterman
Sport Department Managing Director
(859) 225-6703
Staff_Website_DomLien.png Dominique Lien
Sport Programs Coordinator
(859) 225-6734
Staff_Website_DavidWarner.jpg David Warner
Sport Programs Coordinator
(859) 217-6740
Staff_Website_ColetonCook.jpg Coleton Cook
Sport Programs Coordinator
(859) 225-6729
SaraMurray.jpg Sara Murray
Sport Programs Coordinator
(859) 225-6735
Staff_Website_LynnJohnson.jpg Lynn Johnson
Sport Programs Assistant
(859) 225-6714

  Zone & Affiliate Programs

MelanieMader.jpg Melanie Mader
Sport Programs Coordinator - Outreach & Affiliates
(859) 225-6722
Staff_Website_EmilyMartinez.jpg Emily Martinez
Sport Programs Coordinator - Zones
(859) 225-6713


Staff_Website_SteveCurtis.jpg Steve Curtis
Competition and Results Manager
(859) 225-6731

  Education Department


Lauren Klehm
Education Director
(859) 225-6717


Whitney Barnard
Assistant Managing Director of Education Programs
(859) 225-6728


Sarah Bernknopf
Education Programs Coordinator
(859) 225-6705


Eileen Cody
Education Programs Coordinator
(859) 225-6733


Denise Quirk 
Wheeler Museum Curator
(917) 287-2062


  Development Department

LeighanneHoward.jpg Leighanne Howard
Events Support Coordinator
(859) 225-6721