USHJA Young Jumper Championships:

2023/2024 USHJA Young Jumper Championships

Applications to host the 2022 Young Jumper Championships are now closed. Applications to host the 2023/2024 Young Jumper Championships will open April 1, 2022.

USHJA Young Jumper Championship Qualifying Classes

Five-, 6- and 7-year-old horses must qualify through designated USHJA Young Jumper Championship Qualifying Classes between January 1 and 45 days prior to the start of the Championships. Horses must have competed in one Qualifying Class in order to be eligible, in addition to being enrolled in the program.

The Qualifying Class will be held concurrently with the 5-, 6- and/or 7-Year-Old Young Jumper divisions. Every horse entered in the class will receive results for the USHJA Young Jumper Championship.

How to add a Qualifying Class:

1. Select the “USHJA Young Jumper Championship Qualifying Class” on your USEF Competition License application.
2. Once your license is approved, then your competition will automatically be listed in the Calendar of Qualifying Classes on the USHJA Young Jumper webpage.
3. Schedule your competition as normal and indicate which class will be a USHJA Qualifying Class.
4. Submit your prize list with the appropriate section codes (listed below).
5. After the competition, submit your results with the specific class numbers to USEF and your post-competition fee and report to USHJA.

USHJA Young Jumper Qualifying Class Section Codes

  • Five-Year-Old - 9451
  • Six-Year-Old - 9452
  • Seven-Year-Old - 9453
  • Combined Age Classes - 9450

Qualifying Class Information

Report Forms

Championship Specifications