Owner Recognition Award

The goal of the Owner Recognition Award is to recognize the owners of the champion in the Professional Hunter Divisions and the Grand Prix Jumper Division each year. The owner of the horse that has earned the most points in one of the following hunter divisions will be awarded: First Year Green, Second Year Green, Green Conformation, Regular Conformation and Regular Working. The owner of the horse with the most money earned in the Grand Prix Jumper Division will be awarded.

The champion will be decided by the winnings the horses earned from December 1 to September 15 of each competition year. Points may be contested until October 1 of each year. The owner of the leading horses must be an Active member of USHJA. The awards will be presented at the USHJA Annual Meeting.

Standings By Year

2019 Standings - Hunter | Jumper
2018 Standings - Hunter | Jumper
2017 Standings - Hunter | Jumper
2016 Standings - Hunter | Jumper
2015 Standings - Hunter | Jumper
2014 Standings - Hunter | Jumper
2013 Standings - Hunter | Jumper
2012 Standings - Hunter | Jumper
2011 Standings - Hunter | Jumper
2010 Standings - Hunter | Jumper
2009 Standings - Hunter | Jumper
2008 Standings - Hunter | Jumper
2007 Standings - Hunter | Jumper
2006 Standings - Hunter | Jumper