USHJA Outreach: Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions about Outreach Competitions. If you have additional questions not addressed here, please reach out to us during normal business hours at (859) 225-6700 or email

Who can host Outreach Competitions?

Outreach shows may be offered as:

  • Category 1: USHJA Outreach sanctioned classes offered within an existing competition not affiliated with a USEF competition. This is ideal for local schooling, farm, and multi-breed/discipline shows
  • Category 2: a USHJA Outreach sanctioned show held within a USEF licensed competition

Outreach show organizers apply via the Host Application link on the USHJA website. Outreach shows then submit a copy of their prize list, a copy of their insurance waiver and a signed Host Agreement. Shows will receive USHJA approval (written/email) within 14 days of completed application. Outreach competition managers should apply for Outreach approval at least 30 days before the start of the show.

Do you have to be a USHJA Member to participate in Outreach Competitions?

Riders and trainers competing in Outreach classes do not have to be USHJA members. To be eligible for USHJA Outreach points and year-end awards, riders must be a USHJA member (Outreach level or higher).

Do horses have to be USHJA registered or microchipped to participate in Outreach Competitions?

Horses are not required to be registered with USHJA or microchipped to compete in Outreach classes.  However, horses wishing to accrue points toward year-end Outreach awards must be registered with USHJA and microchipped. USHJA Horse registrations are available for $20/annual or $75/lifetime.

How much does it cost to host Outreach Competitions?

The Host Fee for an Outreach competition is $30, regardless of the Category chosen. There is a $3/horse post-competition fee.  These fees can be passed on to competitors at management discretion. Outreach hosts may also seek out local sponsorship for their Outreach competitions. This should be listed as “USHJA Outreach presented by [sponsor name]” in publications and PAs.

Why should I host an Outreach competition?

Outreach is a program designed to provide national recognition to those competing at the local level without all the costs and memberships associated with rated competitions.

This is a way for managers to offer additional opportunities for recognition and awards for their competitors.  The personnel requirements allow for volunteer or paid positions to keep costs down for managers.  We also encourage managers to reach out to other shows in their area to create an Outreach series, which will increase entries for all involved. 

Do Outreach classes have to be held in a separate ring?

No, they do not. However, classes should be clearly designated as Outreach in the prize list and/or schedule.

Why should I compete in an Outreach competition?

Outreach offers many benefits for competitors. First, USHJA Outreach membership is FREE. Riders, trainers and USHJA registered horses are able to earn points by competing in designated classes. There are awards and rewards available in each section in each Zone.  Ribbons, swag, apparel and competition opportunities at USHJA National Championship are available. 

Outreach memberships also allow individuals access to USHJA’s wide variety of programs and educational opportunities, many of which do not require horse ownership.  Members can also apply for scholarships and grants to further their equine and academic goals. 

How are points determined?

Riders: Riders must be an Outreach member (or higher) on or before the first day of competition to accrue rider points. Outreach membership is free. 

Horses: Horses must be registered with USHJA for points to be tracked.

Trainers: Trainers of riders participating in the USHJA Outreach Program wishing to be recognized for year-end awards and recognition must be a USHJA Outreach member or higher on or before the first day of competition. 

At least three entries must complete the class for points to count.

Points are awarded on a flat scale as follows:
1st place – 10 points
2nd place – 6 points
3rd place – 4 points
4th place – 2 points
5th place – 1 point
6th place – ½ point

How are year-end awards determined?

Rewards and awards are based on rider or horse participation across any USHJA Outreach classes. A rider or a horse may accumulate points throughout any or all of the classes, allowing for participation across the many facets of the Hunter, Jumper and Equitation competitions.

What Awards and Rewards are available?

Rewards will be given by USHJA Zone in each Outreach Hunter, Jumper or Equitation section. Rewards for competing in any USHJA Outreach Class (Hunter, Equitation, Jumper) will be based on total points earned as follows:

  • Bronze Level: riders or horses must earn at least 50-74 points during the competition year
  • Silver Level: riders or horses must earn at least 75-99 points during the competition year
  • Gold Level: riders or horses must earn at least 100 points during the competition year

Riders: Riders achieving a Bronze, Silver or Gold point level will be eligible to redeem their points at year-end for items of their choice: USHJA logo wear, Bronze, Silver or Gold Outreach ribbons or Outreach medallions.

Horses: Owners of horses achieving a Bronze, Silver, or Gold point level will be eligible to redeem their points at year-end for items of their choice: USHJA logo wear, Bronze, Silver or Gold Outreach stall plates or ribbons.

Trainers: Outreach Trainers will be recognized by USHJA Zone for year-end awards. At year-end, the trainer with the highest cumulative total earned USHJA Outreach Class points associated with Outreach members they train will be recognized as the USHJA Outreach Class High Point Trainer and, with a minimum of 100 points earned during the competition year, will be awarded a USHJA Zone Outreach Program High Point Trainer jacket.

Riders: The rider achieving Gold Level status with the highest number of points from each Zone by September 15 will be awarded the “Golden Back Stage Pass”, which includes an opportunity to attend the USHJA National Championships. These riders will be invited to participate in the Grand Prix Show Jumping and Hunter Derby course walks, participate in educational sessions, and be given the opportunity to compete at the USHJA National Championships in the Affiliate Championship sections.

Horses: Registered horses will have their Outreach points tracked and ranked within the USHJA Zone. Results will be displayed on the USHJA website.