USHJA Hunter Sections

The USHJA Hunter sections are designed to provide competitors with an opportunity to earn Zone Horse of the Year points in typically unrated, open sections with fence heights of 2'0", 2'3", 2'6", 2'9" or 3'0".

Zone HOTY points are awarded at USEF Premier (AA), National (A), Regional I (B) and Regional II (C) rated competitions. USHJA Hunter sections are 'C' rated.

The sections can be applied to existing unrated, open sections offered at a competition. For example, the Low Hunter section could now also be run as a USHJA Hunter 2'6" section, allowing a competitor to earn points toward Zone HOTY awards. USHJA Hunter sections will count toward the required number of rated sections necessary for a Premier or National rating. The section must be listed in the competition's prize list as a USHJA Hunter section for points to count. All USHJA Hunter sections are ‘C' rated.

Any USHJA sections may be offered as junior/amateur only sections only at competitions restricted to juniors and amateurs. Competitors will still earn points for Zone HOTY.

Competitions may offer any number of these sections. Each section must offer between three and five classes with one of those classes designated as an under saddle. The sections are open to all competitors riding horses or ponies. Participation in these sections may affect green status for ponies.

Specifications for USHJA Hunter Sections

                 USHJA Hunter Sections