RRA Lesson Horse Honor Roll

The USHJA Recognized Riding Academy Committee would like to announce the creation of the RRA Lesson Horse Honor Roll! The Honor Roll seeks to acknowledge the very special lesson horses and ponies who unwaveringly devote their lives to teaching young and new equestrians the art of riding.

Recognized Riding Academies emphasize horsemanship and sportsmanship, promote safety, and create a foundation for well-rounded equestrians. The success of these programs would not exist without these patient, wise, and talented equines.

The RRA Honor Roll pays homage to well-deserving equines who contribute to the development of top riders, the sport, and lifelong equestrians. The future of the sport rides on the backs of these school horses and ponies. The hardest working and most impactful equines in our industry deserve to be honored for everything they do!

How It Works

Currently recognized academies are invited to nominate one lesson horse per year to the RRA Lesson Horse Honor Roll. Nominated lesson horses and ponies must be in active work and may only be nominated one time. The nomination period will begin March. Nominated horses and ponies will then be displayed on the Honor Roll webpage along with a photo and bio. Horses and ponies listed on the Honor Roll will be shared with the membership to acknowledge their outstanding contributions to their riding academy and the sport as a whole.

Nominated lesson horses and ponies be presented with a certificate of appreciation, an RRA Honor Roll stall plaque, and neck ribbon, highlighted at the USHJA Annual Meeting, and receive public recognition via member communications to display and share the invaluable contributions of these dedicated lesson horses.

Honor Your Devoted Equines

Click here to nominate a very special lesson horse or pony