USHJA Staff Values


We foster a people-centered environment that commits to transparency, dependability, confidentiality, and trust.

We will always:

  • Think before we speak.
  • Say what we mean and mean what we say.
  • Strive to communicate in an open fashion.


We support our staff member’s initiative and responsibility while encouraging a growth mindset and embracing our shared values.

We will always:

  • Be accountable for our actions.
  • Acknowledge the expertise of everyone to achieve optimal results.  
  • Take initiative to bring about positive results.
  • Continuously improve our quality and service.


We value our sport, our volunteers, members, our co-workers, and ourselves.

We will always:

  • Foster a people centered environment.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior and ethics.
  • Display courtesy and kindness to everyone.


We are accountable for the wellbeing of the larger organization by operating with a service mentality.

We will always:

  • Be mindful in the care, handling, and management of the resources entrusted to us.
  • Actively engage in the development and support of staff members and the organization’s success.


We give our staff members the skills, resources, authority, opportunity, and motivation that will contribute to their competence and satisfaction.

We will always:

  • Encourage staff members to cultivate creative possibilities.
  • Foster open communication, questions, and respect differences of opinions.
  • Be visionary with a passion for discovery.