Eligibility and Program Specifications

The following eligibility requirements must be met for riders to be considered for the EAP:


  • Must be a current member of USHJA and in good standing.
  • Must be able to display proficiency in completing jumper-style courses set at 1.10m or higher.
  • Must be USEF age 25 and under.
  • May not have competed in classes over 1.35m in height prior to March 1.
  • May not have competed in an FEI Championship for Jumping, including the North American Junior Young Rider Championships.
  • Must take the Level One USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge and pass with a score of 80% or higher.

Program Specifications

  • Riders may apply to any one of the EAP Regional Training Sessions but may only apply to one Regional Training Sessions each EAP qualifying year.
  • Riders are expected to supply the horse they ride in the Regional Clinic, and the horse should be comfortable jumping a course at 1.10m.
  • Riders may have to present health documents for their horses upon arrival at the Regional Clinics, e.g., valid Coggins, health certificate and/or proof of current vaccinations as required by each host facility.
  • Three letters of recommendation, on the official EAP Recommendation Form, must be sent directly to USHJA by those persons providing the recommendations. One of the letters must be from a current trainer, or a trainer who has knowledge of the rider’s abilities, describing in detail the applicant’s experience and capabilities. The remaining two recommendations must be from adults within the hunter/jumper industry who have working knowledge of the applicant’s riding abilities. Recommendations from family members and members of the EAP Committee are not permitted. Applications, application fees, and recommendation forms for all Regional Training Session must be received in the USHJA office or postmarked no later than the specific deadline for each Regional.
  • Riders are encouraged to submit results and/or documentation of their achievements in jumper classes set at 1.10m or higher. Please do not send photos, DVDs or videos. Exception: Riders must provide a video link (no more than 120 seconds in length), preferably taken during competition, on their application.
  • All riders who applied to or participated in the EAP in past years are encouraged to apply to the current year, provided they meet the program’s eligibility requirements.