Eligibility and Program Specifications

The following eligibility requirements must be met for riders to be considered for the EAP:


  • Must be a current member of USHJA in good standing above the Outreach level.
  • Must be able to display proficiency in completing jumper-style courses set at .90m or 1.0m, depending on the section to which the rider applies.
  • Must be 12 years of age or older as of December 1 of the current competition year.
  • Must be 25 years of age or younger as of December 1 of the current competition year in order to be considered for the National Training Session. Riders over 25 years of age may still participate in either the .90m or 1.0m section, but will not be eligible for the National Training Session.
  • May not have competed in classes over 1.35m in height prior to March 1 of the current competition year.
  • May not have competed in an FEI Championship for Jumping, including the North American Junior Young Rider Championships.
  • May be classified as a junior, amateur, or professional per USEF GR1306.

Program Specifications

  • Riders may apply to any one of the EAP Regional Training Sessions but may only participate in one Regional Training Session each EAP qualifying year.
  • All applicants must complete the EAP Application Form, regardless of the height section to which they are applying. All applicants must also have three individuals submit an EAP Recommendation Form on their behalf and must complete the Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Level One Quiz with a score of 80% or higher. Application materials must be completed and submitted no later than April 1 for all Regional Training Sessions.
  • Riders are expected to supply the horse they ride in the Regional Session, and the horse should be comfortable jumping a course at the height to which the rider applies (.90m or 1.0m).
  • Riders may have to present health documents for their horses upon arrival at the Regional Clinics, e.g., valid Coggins, health certificate and/or proof of current vaccinations as required by each host facility.