Fun Stuff

Coloring Pages

Break out the colored pencils for these USHJA coloring pages! Click the images to download, print them out and color inside (or outside) the lines of your favorite hunter/jumper horses and riders.



Wheeler Museum Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of one of the Wheeler Museum’s past exhibits—Medals, Memories & Milestones: Great Moments in American Show JumpingA Sporting Tradition: Iconic Horse Shows Across the United States, and The Thoroughbred Horse Show.

Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Study Guide

The USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge is a great way to brush up on your horsemanship knowledge and USHJA offers a free online study guide to help you prepare! The extra horsemanship knowledge will only do you good in the long run. Want to make it even more fun? Challenge your friends to all do the Horsemanship Quiz Challenge at the same time and see whose knowledge reigns superior.