Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to register for the Horsemanship Quiz Challenge?

Registration for the HQC is FREE!

Can I take the HQC more than once?

You may only take the HQC once per year. You may start the quiz and return to it later, and there is no time limit to complete each quiz level, but once the quiz level is completed and you have received a score, you will not be able to retake it.

May I download the Horsemanship Study Guide even if I’m not participating in the program?

Yes! Anyone is welcome to utilize the Horsemanship Study Guide as an educational tool to expand his horsemanship knowledge.

Is a hard copy of the Horsemanship Study Guide available for purchase?

USHJA does not currently sell hard copies of the study guide, however you may print a copy at your local printing store, such as FedEx Office.

How does participation in the HQC count toward the Emerging Athletes Program?

When you score 80% or higher on the HQC Level One Quiz, you have already completed one of the application requirements for the Emerging Athletes Program.

May I attend the HQC Nationals even if I’m not participating in the program?

The opportunity to attend the HQC Nationals and EAP Nationals varies each year with the capability of the host facility to accommodate all interested auditors. Please contact the EAP Nationals host facility for the current year’s auditing policy. The Horsemanship Quiz Challenge is supported in part by a generous grant from the United States Equestrian Federation and the USHJA Foundation.