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Coming Soon in 2025
USHJA Amateur Hunter Championships

The USHJA Amateur Hunter Championships is designed to promote and support USHJA’s Amateur membership by offering a year end goal for Amateur Hunter riders competing in the 2’6” Low Adult Amateur, 3’ Adult Amateur, 3’3” Amateur Owner, and 3’6” Amateur Owner Hunter divisions.

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  • Separate Championships for the 2’6” Low Adults, 3’ Adult Amateurs, 3’3” Amateur Owners, and 3’6” Amateur Owners.
  • Riders can ride one horse in each of the height sections.
  • Each division will be conducted in three phases:
    • Under Saddle
    • First Hunter Round
    • Classic Round (2’6” and 3’) or Handy Round (3’3” and 3’6”)
  • Each phase will be scored 0-100.
  • Scores will be weighted for each phase to calculate an overall score:
    • Under Saddle: 20%
    • First Hunter Round: 40%
    • Classic Round/Handy Round: 40%
  • Champion results based on the highest overall scores.


  • Qualify through both USEF-licensed Channel I or Channel II competitions.
    • Champion or Reserve Champion at one competition:
      • Low Adult Amateur Hunter 2’6”
      • Adult Amateur Hunter 3’
      • Amateur Owner Hunter 3’3"
      • Amateur Owner Hunter 3’6"
  • Additionally, horses can qualify if they are ranked in the top 10 of their USHJA Zone Horse of the Year Standings (Channel I and II)

   USHJA Amateur Hunter Championships FAQs   


Dates and locations for the 2025 USHJA Amateur Hunter Championships have not yet been determined. Host venues will be selected through the USHJA Host Application process during 2024. Applications will be open April 1 – June 1, 2024.

Specifications for USHJA Amateur Hunter Championships

(Effective 12/1/2024 through 11/30/2025)