USEF Committee Appointments

National Hunter Committee Repopulation – USHJA Appointees

Criteria for Recognized Affiliate Appointees:

USHJA Bylaws - Article 1602, Section 2
USEF National Hunter Committee. A USEF National Hunter Committee shall be appointed for a four (4) year term to represent the member constituency participating in the Hunter Division of USEF in accordance with USEF Bylaws. a. Duties of the USEF National Hunter Committee will be in accordance with USEF Bylaws. b. Individuals who serve as Hunter Working Group members shall be recommended by the USHJA President for appointment to the USEF National Hunter Committee in accordance with USEF Bylaws. In selecting these individuals, consideration shall be given to the recommendations of the Hunter Working Group and the individuals must have extensive experience in the hunter, equitation, or breeding divisions as an owner, rider, trainer, licensed official, or competition manager.

Criteria for Recognized Affiliate Athlete Appointees:

For athletes, we use the 10 year athlete language from the USOPC. We count our national championships as:

The USHJA National Championship
The Green Hunter Incentive Championship
The International Hunter Derby Championship
The WCHR Championship