USHJA 1.00/1.05m Junior/Amateur Zone Jumper Championship Host/Management

The USHJA 1.00/1.05m Junior/Amateur Zone Jumper Championships provide riders with a competitive team experience and an opportunity to earn Zone Horse of the Year points in the Children’s and Adult Amateur Jumper (1.00/1.05m). The Championships are held by zone and consist of both team and individual competitions.

Interested competition managers may apply, however, only one venue will be selected for each 1.00/1.05m Child/Adult Zone Jumper Championships.

Minimum Requirements

  • USEF Licensed Jumper competition and facility that have held a USEF-licensed competition previously.
  • Held in one of the zones for which the Championships are being held:
    • Zones 1 & 2
    • Zones 3 & 4
    • Zones 5 & 6
    • Zones 7 & 8
    • Zones 9 & 10
  • Held between March 1 and November 30

Specifications for USHJA 1.00/1.05m Junior/Amateur Jumper Championships

Report Forms

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