Frequently Asked Questions

What fees are involved in the program?

Application fee: $50
Emerging Athletes Program Regional Training Session fee: $550

Application fee is non-refundable.

Fees remitted to host facility: Stall fees. Additional fees may include feed, bedding and early arrival fees, if necessary. (Contact your Regional Host Facility for more information.)

Travel costs for horse and rider: Responsibility of the Emerging Athlete

Gaining the opportunity to advance your education in your pursuit to become a knowledgeable horseman: Priceless

Fees for hosting a Regional Training Session: host facility will provide, at its own expense, full use of the grounds and facilities, including all necessary personnel, sanitary facilities, equipment, jumps, seating, communication equipment and all necessary insurance.

Do all EAP riders begin at the Regional Training Sessions?

All riders who apply and are accepted to the EAP first participate in a Regional Training Session. Invitations to the National Training Session are based on the riding, stable-management skills, written-test results and potential shown during the Regional Training Session.

Is this program for jumper riders only?

The program is open to any hunter/jumper rider who is proficient at completing a jumper-style course at 1.10m or higher. Although the courses and fences are set in a jumper style, the program is focused on promoting complete horsemanship and rider competency. The techniques, stable management, horsemanship and overall lessons learned in the program can carry into the hunter, equitation and jumper rings combined.

Do I provide my own horse for the Regional Training Sessions?

Emerging Athletes are responsible for providing their own horses for the Regionals, and the horse should be comfortable jumping a course at 1.10m. The USHJA National Training Session Host Facility provides all horses for the riders who are invited to the National Training Session.

Are meals provided for the riders?

Lunch is provided on Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5 of each Regional Training Session, at no cost, to every Emerging Athlete. Any additional guests or auditors must provide their own meals. Dinner is not provided.

May a rider bring a guest to the Regional and National Training Session?

The Emerging Athlete may bring one guest at no charge to the Regional and National Training Session. This may be a parent/guardian, trainer, friend, et cetera. Any additional guests must remit the auditor fee to the host facility.

If I am not riding in the Regional or National Training Session, may I audit?

The opportunity to attend the Regional and the National Training Session varies each year with the capability of the host facilities to accommodate all interested auditors. Please contact the host facilities for the current year's auditing policy.

How is the program winner determined, and what prize do they receive?

The winner is determined by the Emerging Athletes Task Force, based on the clinicians’ observations and evaluations at each Regional Training Session and the National Training Session. The winner receives a $3,000 grant to apply toward the cost of advanced training with an approved trainer.

If a rider is not accepted into the EAP or does not advance to the National Training Session, may they apply to the program again the following year?

Yes. USHJA encourages all riders to continue their riding and horsemanship education through various avenues, such as the EAP. Riders who have previously been invited to the Regional Training Session or the National Training Session may apply to the EAP Regional Training Session the following year, as long as they continue to meet the eligibility requirements.

How can I donate to the program?

Donations to the EAP can be made through the USHJA Foundation. When contributing, please specify that you would like your donation to go toward the EAP.