Inside the USHJA

Are you looking for the perfect combination of your professional skills with your passion for equestrian sport? Then, the USHJA may be the place for you. From administrative services to sport programming, the USHJA is always looking for the best and brightest who have the right attitude and skills to meld into our dynamic workplace. The organization is made up of the following areas of expertise:

Sport Programs

The USHJA’s core area of expertise is the Sport Department, which is made up of knowledgeable equestrians who work closely with volunteer leadership to shape sport programming, like the International Hunter Derby Program, Pre-Green Incentive Program and Children’s and Adult Amateur Hunter and Jumper championships. Here, passionate equestrians put their knowledge of the sport and how competitions work to create, manage and execute competitive programming that enhances members’ experience of the sport. Knowledge of the sport, resourcefulness and a “can do” attitude are hallmarks of the Sport Department at USHJA. Learn more about our competitive programs.

Education Programs

The Education Department complements the Sport Department, offering a variety of educational opportunities, like the Emerging Athletes Program, Horsemanship Quiz Challenge and the Trainer Certification Program. With education programming touching so many aspects of the sport, collaboration, a love for teaching, and an understanding of how teaching techniques can work effectively in the equestrian environment are critical in the Education Department. Check out our educational programs.


Part of the Sport and Association Services Department, Communications acts as the voice of the USHJA. From shaping messaging to creating the delivery mechanisms for that messaging, the communications team requires a passion for equestrian sport coupled with a passion for storytelling. Check out our recent news

Membership & Customer Service

Customer service is at the heart of the USHJA. While all of our employees engage directly with members, our membership and customer service staff are the front line of handling member inquiries. Additionally, customer service staff aid executive and program staff with projects on an as needed basis. Flexible, understanding and kind people excel in these roles.

Awards and Merchandise

Recognition is an important part of competition, and the USHJA Awards Program is designed to recognize excellence in many different ways—from competition to service. The USHJA Awards and Merchandise team is responsible for facilitating this recognition, managing the awards selection and distribution process. They also manage the, USHJA’s retail merchandise.

Sponsorship and Advertising

The sponsorship and advertising team is skilled at developing and maintaining relationships with major sponsors and has an in-depth knowledge of sports marketing to focus advertising efforts for the greatest return on investment. Marketing knowledge, interpersonal skills and a drive for success are key attributes that make this team successful. Get to know our sponsors!


Our Finance Department manages the finances for both the USHJA and the USHJA Foundation. They ensure USHJA follows all laws, regulations and guidelines for nonprofit associations and coordinate an independent audit each year. This team of very knowledgeable financial experts is critical to the organization’s success.

Funds Development

The funds development department is the fundraising arm of USHJA. Development efforts are necessary to sustain and grow the positive impact USHJA is able to have on the equestrian community. This department works to identify donors, and support successful fundraising events to create sustainable funding to support USHJA programs and our hunter and jumper community. Individuals with a passion for working with others and helping them fulfill their desire to give and support larger causes are central to this department. Marketing knowledge, strong interpersonal skills, and a passionate drive for success are key attributes that make this department successful.