Strategic Plan

In a year-long review of USHJA’s history including all aspects of its membership and program development, a Strategic Plan was crafted to guide the organization’s direction for the next five years. From the hours of research and collaborative meetings, a suite of documents was prepared.

Strategic Plan – This is the document that will guide USHJA during the next five years and is organized into focus areas that include: Governance (geography, zone and affiliates, committees); Four Cornerstones (awards and recognition, education, communication, and rules); Sport Programs; and Non-Sport Programs. The document outlines twelve main strategies and recommends the creation of eight ad hoc committees of the Board of Directors to further develop implementation plans for each strategy area.

Tactical Plan – This provides more details on recommended action steps from each strategy that was identified in the Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan Companion Document – A comprehensive overview of all things USHJA including questions posed by leadership as they worked to better understand where we’ve been, where we are, and where we should be going. The content of this document is the foundation for the strategic plan and is a must-read to understand the rationale for each strategy.

Historical Overview – This document chronicles the first ten years of USHJA membership and program development and provides insight into the resulting success and issues.

We encourage you to read all the documents to get a more complete understanding of your organization and our path to the future. If you have specific feedback regarding the Strategic Plan, we have set up a roster of mail boxes that will be managed by the staff liaison assigned to each ad hoc committee of the Board. Feel free to add positive thinking to the process.

Overall comments on the strategic plan: