2020-2025 Strategic Plan

The USHJA Strategic Plan (2020-2025) contains goals, strategies and recommendations for the USHJA to take action on in the course of a five-year period. The USHJA Board of Directors approved this document, and steps are being taken to implement the plan, while keeping the Board informed on a regular basis. Some actions will be undertaken immediately, some will be phased-in and some may not start until well into the plan’s period.

Strategic Plan – This is the document that will guide USHJA through 2025 and is organized into focus areas that include: Operations, Sport Administration, Education and Evaluation. This Strategic Plan is written and directed internally to assist in guiding the decision-making bodies of the USHJA: the Board of Directors as the highest authority, the various working groups and committees as advisors and the staff as implementers. The purpose of this Strategic Plan is to establish a consistent and clearly defined direction, infrastructure and process for all programs and activities of the USHJA, while being mindful of our Mission, Vision, Strategic Intent and Core Value.

As with the 2015-2019 Plan, this Strategic Plan recognizes the need to stabilize and then strengthen existing programs and services to realize growth in our membership structure, while at the same time further strengthening USHJA administrative structures, expanding educational offerings, and programs and services to meet the needs of the base of the Hunter Jumper sport.

2015-2019 Strategic Plan & Supporting Documents – This provides more details on recommended action steps from each strategy that was identified in the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan and supporting Tactical Plan.

Historical Overview – This document chronicles USHJA membership and program development and provides insight into the resulting success and issues.

We encourage you to read all the documents to get a more complete understanding of your organization and our path to the future.