Rider Lifetime Money Earned Standings

The goal of Rider Lifetime Money Earned Standings is to track the overall lifetime money earnings for professional Hunter riders and all Jumper riders. Beginning December 1, 2005, the total money earned by a professional rider in recognized USEF divisions will be recorded. Hunter standings include all of the Channel I open Hunter sections, classics, USHJA International and National Hunter Derbies and Green.  Jumper standings include all USEF-rated sections held at USEF-rated competitions.

USHJA has established tiers to recognize the outstanding careers of our professional riders.

Once a rider has reached a tier, they will be recognized for reaching this elite stage of their career. Tiers are based on money earned from December 1, 2005, to September 15 of the current year. To contest your money earned, you must contact the USHJA office before the close of business on October 1.

Current Lifetime Money Earned Standings

2024 Hunter  |  2024 Jumper


Archived Standings:

2023 Hunter
2023 Jumper

2022 Hunter
2022 Jumper

2021 Hunter
2021 Jumper

2020 Hunter
2020 Jumper

2019 Hunter
2019 Jumper

2018 Hunter
2018 Jumper

2017 Hunter
2017 Jumper

2016 Hunter
2016 Jumper

2015 Hunter
2015 Jumper
2014 Hunter
2014 Jumper

2013 Hunter
2013 Jumper

2012 Hunter
2012 Jumper

2011 Hunter
2011 Jumper
2010 Hunter
2010 Jumper

2009 Hunter
2009 Jumper

2008 Hunter
2008 Jumper

2007 Hunter
2007 Jumper