USHJA Horse Registration FAQ's

1. Do I have to register my horse with USHJA?

Yes, all horse competing at USEF recognized Hunter Jumper Competitions must be registered with the USHJA per GR1101.1.

2. What benefits do I receive for registering my horse with USHJA?

  • Participation in USHJA's Zone Horse of the Year Program
  • Participation in USHJA Childrens and Adult Amateur Hunter Championships.
  • Partcipation in USHJA Zone Jumper Team Championships
  • Registration allows USHJA to collect data on where and how our horses are competing.

This data will provide USHJA with the ability to accurately evaluate our industry in order to plan for the future, identify areas which need attention and recognize issues which are impacting our sport before they become problems.

3. Do I still need to record my horse with USEF?

Yes, if you wish to participate in USEF's Horse of the Year Awards, qualifying competitions, championships, have points accrue in the National Computer Ranking List or participate in USHJA's Stirrup Cup and USHJA Zone Horse of The Year Awards.

4. My horse is Life Recorded with USEF. Do I still need to register my horse with USHJA?

Horses with USEF Lifetime Recordings prior to December 1, 2008, have been grandfathered into the USHJA Horse Registration Program using their current USEF recording number.

Horses which have been Lifetime Recorded with USEF after December 1, 2008 will need to register their horse with USHJA.

5. Does my horse have to be registered with USHJA to compete at USEF Local competitions?

No, your horse will not have to be registered with USHJA if you are only competing in USEF Local competitions.

Additionally, the following groups are also exempt from paying the USHJA Horse Registration Fee as outlined in the USEF Rulebook, GR901.9 items 1-11: 1) leadline; 2) exhibitions; 3) games and races; 4)classes for 4-H members; 5) walk trot and academy classes (academy classes are classes limited to horses used regularly in a lesson program); 6) USDF introductory level tests, pas de deux and quadrille classes; 7) NRHA Endorsed Reining Competitions. 8) Opportunity classes, 9) citizens of other nations who have proof, in English, of current membership in good standing of their own National Federation. 10) USEA beginner novice division; and 11) assistant handlers in Dressage Sport Horse Breeding classes. Per GR 1101.1

6. Do I have to pay an annual fee to register my horse with USHJA?

No, the USHJA Horse Registration Fee is a one-time $75 fee.

7. Will I also need a USEF Horse ID number?

No. The USHJA Horse Registration meets the requirement for a USEF's Horse ID for horses competing at hunter jumper competitions.

The USHJA Horse Registration is not required at local competitions but USEF still requires a Horse ID to participate; please see # 5 above.

8. Is the USHJA Horse Registration Number the same as my USEF Horse Recording Number and Horse ID Number?

Yes. If your horse currently has a USEF Horse Recording or Horse ID Number, their USHJA Horse Registration Number will be the same so that you will only keep up with one number.

9. Are jumpers still required to be USEF recorded?

Jumpers are no longer required to be recorded with USEF, unless they are participating in USHJA competitive programs, Horse of the Year Awards, want points accrued on the National Computer Ranking List or want to participate in USHJA's Stirrup Cup and USHJA Zone Horse of The Year Awards.

10. If I have a current USEF Horse ID Number, do I need to have a USHJA Horse registration?

Yes. USHJA's Horse Registration is required to compete at USEF recongized Hunter Jumper competitions per GR 1101.1.

11. Do Equine Canada members competing at USEF Licensed competitions have to register their horse with USHJA?

No, they are exempt under GR901.9 items 1-11 (see # 5).

12. Do United States Eventing Association members competing at a USEF Licensed competition have to register their horses with USHJA?

Yes. Every horse competing at a USEF Licensed Hunter Jumper competition (exception Local competitions) will have to register their horse with USHJA (See #10).

13. I received an orange horse registration card in the mail. Do I need to submit the $20 horse transfer fee to the USHJA?

No, if you are listed on the right hand side of the card as the owner of the horse you will not have to pay the $20 transfer fee. Please retain this card as proof of USHJA registration for the horse.

Yes, if you are not listed as the current owner of the horse on the front of the card, please complete the new owner information section and return the orange card signed by both the new and previous owner of the horse to the USHJA along with the $20 transfer fee and transfer fee form found on the USHJA website under membership then horse registration.