Instructor Credential Host Facilities

Riding facilities interested in hosting a USHJA Instructor Credential Live Workshop and Examination may apply for consideration as an approved host facility. Applicants must meet the requirements outlined below. Approved hosts will be added to a pool of approved facilities that may be called upon to host upcoming live sessions when scheduled. Host applications are not submitted for specific session dates. However, if an approved host facility can fill an entire session with participants whose status is listed as “candidate”, a request can be made to schedule a session at that location.

Review host facility requirements listed below before submitting an application.

To apply online:

  • Log into your USHJA Member Account.
  • From under the “Quick Actions” header at the top, select "USHJA Host Application for Programs".

Please note that applicants can add multiple programs to a single application (EAP, Gold Star, etc.). Submitted applications are time-stamped, and applicants will receive a receipt for the application upon submission. A USHJA staff person will be in touch upon review of the submission.

Interested parties may request a hardcopy form at if an online submission isn't preferred. 

Requirements to Host a Live Session

Below are the requirements to host a USHJA Instructor Credential Workshop and Examination. 


  • Either one large arena (100’ by 200’ minimum) able to be divided into two smaller rings or two small arenas with appropriate footing and fences for Hunter/Jumper lessons (an indoor or covered arena is preferred).
  • Ringside seating for a minimum of 15 individuals.
  • Stable area with ample aisle way and tacking/wash stall areas with room for eight people and a horse.
  • Classroom or barn lounge with tables and seating, minimum capacity of 15 people.
  • Adequate restrooms, water stations, and trash receptacles.
  • Adequate parking for 20 vehicles.
  • Lodging and dining options within a 20-minute drive.

Equipment must be in good working order and available during the event.

  • At a minimum, 20 schooling or wing standards, 40 poles (no PVC manufactured for plumbing), 20 pairs of jump cups, eight cavalletti, and two mounting blocks.
  • A safe, visual divider or barrier to divide one large ring into two smaller rings (i.e., poles, cones) if necessary.
  •  Water cooler and cups ringside (filled daily or bottled water).
  • At minimum, 15 chairs for group discussions and lesson observations.
  • At minimum, 4 tables for USHJA registration and meals.

The following personnel must be available during the event.

  • Host facility representative present at all times.
    • This person is not eligible to participate in the live session for the credential to ensure they are available for program needs without distraction.
  • A minimum of eight volunteers each day capable of participating in unmounted and mounted lessons.
    • Morning sessions may include beginner/flat-only riders.
    • Afternoon sessions will require riders who can jump up to 2’6” fences.
  • An onsite EMT for both days of the live session. USHJA shall reimburse host facility for associated fees up to $350/day upon submission of an invoice.
  • It is recommended that a veterinarian and farrier be on-call.


  • A minimum of eight horses or ponies to be used, free of charge, by volunteers selected by the Host to participate.
    • Horses must have good ground manners, be safe to handle, and capable of participating in unmounted and private or group lessons.
    • Horses must be sound and capable of assisting with at least one ground/unmounted lesson and up to two 45-minute, under saddle sessions each day.
    • Horses must be able to jump cross rails up to 2’6” obstacles.
  • Two additional reserve horses are recommended in case of unforeseen and/or extenuating circumstances or for use in any practicum sessions.
  • Horses’ stalls, feed, bedding, tack, and equipment must be provided.


  • Host must include USHJA as an Additional Insured on the location’s insurance policy with at least one million dollars single liability for each day of the event. Coverage shall be on an-occurrence rather than a claim-made basis.
  • A copy of the Certificate of Insurance must be submitted to USHJA a minimum of 30 days prior to the start of the first day.

USHJA Host Agreement

  • Host must be able to agree to the terms in the USHJA Host Agreement and sign the document if selected to Host a specified live session.