Instructor Credential Examiners

The USHJA Instructor Credential workshop and examination are the culmination of candidate instructors learning and preparing to demonstrate their competency and knowledge as a teacher and coach. The primary objective of the examiner position is to assess the teaching and coaching competencies of candidates, and secondarily, their overall horsemanship knowledge.

Individuals interested in becoming an Instructor Credential examiner may apply for consideration as an approved examiner. Applicants must meet the requirements outlined in the Examiner Job Description. Approved applicants will be added to a pool of approved examiners who may be called upon to attend upcoming live sessions when scheduled. Applications are not submitted for specific session dates.

Application and Selection Process

USHJA will identify qualified individuals to serve as examiners for the Instructor Credential through an application process and contract approved examiners for USHJA Instructor Credential Workshops and Examinations. Individuals wishing to serve as a USHJA Instructor Credential Examiner must apply to the USHJA Education Department using the Instructor Credential Examiner application form below.

Applications are:

  • Subject to the requirements listed in the Examiner Job Description
  • Reviewed by relevant committees
  • Evaluated by the USHJA Executive Director
  • Subject to the approval of the USHJA Executive Committee

Applicant examiners must attend a live session in an apprentice role. USHJA will cover travel expenses and applicants will be reviewed by the session's contracted examiners who will report their feedback to USHJA staff. Input from the approved examiners will be considered when reviewing an applicant examiners' approval status. 

Approved examiners will:

  • Be credentialed and participate in an examiners’ best practices round table session
  • Be added to a pool of approved examiners who may be called upon to host upcoming live sessions when scheduled
  • Be evaluated annually based on participation and co-examiner feedback and subject to removal from the approved listing at the discretion of USHJA
  • Follow the workshop and testing schedule and USHJA assessment rubric
  • Engage in honest communication when evaluating a candidate
  • Provide objective, constructive written feedback on the scoring rubric
  • Receive a daily rate with travel expenses covered

Instructor Credential Examiner Job Description

Instructor Credential Examiner Application

Instructor Credential Examiner Reference Form

Individuals applying as a USHJA Instructor Credential Examiner must submit three references. Each reference must be able to speak to the examiner applicant’s dedication to the American Hunter/Jumper Forward Riding System, the ability to provide effective and honest feedback to students, and their commitment to fair and objective evaluation. References must be submitted using the link below. Reference requirements include:

  • One reference from a USHJA committee member
  • One reference from a USEF-declared professional in the industry
  • One reference of the examiner applicant ’s choice
  • References may not be a relative of the examiner applicant nor a currently approved examiner

Instructor Credential Examiner Applicant Reference Form​​