Get Involved! Members Help Shape USHJA Leadership

Now is an exciting time to be a Senior USHJA Active or Associate member, enjoying new member benefits and helping to shape the USHJA leadership. As a member organization, we are pleased to serve at the direction of our volunteer leadership made up of members, and members play an important role in the identification of candidates for leadership positions. In 2022, USHJA will undergo a Board of Directors election for five seats on the Board, and the first phase of that important process begins with you! Senior Active and Associate Members may nominate candidates for Director At-Large and Secretary/Treasurer from May 16 to August 15, through their USHJA member account.

Understanding USHJA Leadership Structure in 2022

USHJA Leadership Composition and Selection

The term of service for USHJA Board of Directors members is four years. In 2022, the terms of service will expire for eight Director At-Large seats and two Officer seats. As per the Board restructure outlined in the USHJA Bylaws, the 2022 election will include four Director At-Large seats and a combined Secretary/Treasurer seat. Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 1.59.24 PM.png

Candidates are nominated by members during the designated nomination period (May 16 – August 15), and the Nominating Committee uses these nominations to identify a recommended slate of candidates. For the 2022 elections, nominations will be accepted for Secretary/Treasurer and four Directors At-Large, including one meeting the criteria of Non-Equestrian Business Experience.

USHJA Board of Directors

The Board aims to be balanced in composition, consisting of individuals capable of providing non-equestrian related business experience, in addition to those with deep Hunter and Jumper discipline knowledge and experience.

Election Questions & Answers

Q. Does someone need to have prior governance experience or can anyone be nominated?
A. While prior governance experience is preferred, it is not required. Any Senior Active USHJA member in good standing who meets the criteria and qualifications outlined in the position job descriptions and is a Hunter Athlete, Jumper Athlete, or member of the Zone or Affiliate Councils as listed here, is eligible to be nominated.

Secretary/Treasurer (one - combined position)
Director At-Large (four, including one Non-Equestrian Business Experience)

Q. When will nominations be announced?
A. Nominations remain confidential throughout the process. The final Nominating Committee-approved voting slate of Director At-Large and Officer candidates will be released in November.

Q. Can someone be nominated for multiple positions?
A. Yes. As long as they meet the criteria and qualifications for each position, they may be nominated to all available positions. Additionally, in this election cycle, the Nominating Committee is looking for at least one individual meeting criteria of Non-Equestrian Business Experience.

Q. Can someone nominate themselves?
A. Yes. You may nominate yourself for a position, provided you meet the criteria and qualifications outlined here.