2022 RRA Lesson Horse Honor Roll

Join us in celebrating the true heroes of our sport! ´╗┐These devoted equines contribute to the development of top riders, the sport, and lifelong equestrians. The hardest working and most impactful equines in our industry are honored here for everything they do! Click here to learn more about where these nominees reside and about other currently Recognized Riding Academies in your area.

Zone 2


Adored by RRA Hunters Ridge of Lockport, NY

34 year old American Quarter Horse,15 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Peppermints

Nala is an ex-therapeutic riding horse. She is great at teaching all levels of riders. She loves to teach riders who have never ridden before because of her quiet, easy-going nature, however she has a great flying lead change and a big round jump for those looking for more horse! PC: Tailor Made Photography



Sweet Release_Jet_Jolene Hasseler 2.jpgJet

Adored by RRA Sweet Release Equestrian Center of Bergen, NY

15 year old Paint, 8 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Sour Patch Kids

If he were a famous person, he would be: Morgan Freeman

If I could clone Jet 100 times, I would. He's sweet, laid back, happy to work, takes care of his rider, and good looking, too! He's the same at shows as at home; we always bring him to IEA and IHSA shows because he handles the environment, never putting a hoof wrong. He'll trail ride, load like a saint, and stand for everything. Jet really doesn't have a single flaw! This guy has a long line of fans and he's taught countless riders--even the barn cat! PC: Jolene Hasseler

Zone 3

Palisades_Luke_PC Emily Frye 2.jpeg


Adored by RRA Palisades Episcopal School of Charlotte, NC

22 year old Paint, 6 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Bananas or apples

If he were a famous person, he would be: Peyton Manning - super talented but laid back with a good sense of humor 

Luke has the most amazing canter ever! Our students say it's like "riding on a cloud." He is the kind on the longe line and also loves to trail ride, take our students over their first jumps, and help them learn to canter. He qualified for the APHA World Show in his younger days and he has seen about all there is to see. Nothing phases this guy! PC: Emily Frye


Stonehouse Stables_Luck_PC Sara Alves.jpg

Luck aka Wishes Come True

Adored by RRA Stonehouse Stables of Toano, VA

22 year old Welsh/Quarter Horse cross, 15 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Lucky Charms

If he were a famous person, he would be: Steve Martin

Luck has been in our area many years. His little girl named him and learned so much from him. He gave his all and after a colic surgery, she knew he was no longer able to do the large ponies. He became a school horse for another farm and stayed there many years until we were able to purchase him as their program downsized. We have been so very fortunate. He totes the littlest of kids (ages 5 and up) all the way through cross rails. He loves his job and has the sweetest eyes. We would be lost without some "Luck". PC: Sara Alves


Liberty Mountain_Solomon_PC Kimberly Counts 3.jpgSolomon aka Now Watch This

Adored by RRA Liberty Mountain Equestrian Center of Rustburg, VA

22 year old Thoroughbred/Warmblood cross, 9 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Peppermints

If he were a famous person, he would be: Morgan Freeman

Solomon is a horse who aims to please! He does a great job teaching students the fundamentals of riding and taught many riders how to jump in his younger days. Solomon's favorite thing to do is look out his stall window at the farm's pond as the sun is setting. He's got a kind heart, but isn't above a little mischief when he opens other horses' stall doors and windows! We adore Solomon and are grateful for the lessons he has taught riders, both on and off his back! PC: Kimberly Counts


MK Sporthorses_Annie_PC Michelle Motyl 3.jpegAnnie

Adored by RRA MK Sporthorses of Broad Run, VA

6 year old Thoroughbred, 2 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Ritz crackers

If she were a famous person, she would be: Captain Marvel

Annie teaches beginners and advanced beginners to how to jump. She is quiet enough to jump 3ft at a show, then take a student into a cross rail class. She is sweet as candy and loves kids! Annie is one of our former retired racetrack horses who enjoys her new career as a lesson horse. We want to honor her for her patience and love towards all of the beginner students! PC: Michelle Motyl

Haverhill_Jester_PC Priceless Photo 2.jpgJester

Adored by RRA Haverhill Farm of Ashland, VA

21 year old Quarter Horse cross, 12 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Peppermints

If he were a famous person, he would be: Rainn Wilson

Jester is just such a sweet pony! He has taught countless students how to canter and jump, and is also so safe and sweet at the shows. He is best at giving students a confident ride at away shows where riders can be nervous. He is so chill that he has the same attitude away as he does at home! PC: Priceless Photo


Zone 4

StablesatFrederica_Quincy_Allie Zorn 3.jpgQuincy

Adored by RRA The Stables at Frederica of St. Simons Island, GA

25 year old Quarter Horse, 12 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Oranges

If he were a famous person, he would be: Dr. Stephen Strange (Marvel)

Quincy is everyone's favorite lesson horse! He teaches itty bitty riders to steer and post, and can take our more advanced riders around a cross rail course! Riders learn to pay close attention to their track and steering when riding Quincy; if they aren't careful, they will find themselves in the center of the arena with Quincy nuzzling instructors for treats! PC: Allie Zorn

Providence_Mariah_PC Heather Cassese 4.jpgMariah aka My Shooting Star

Adored by RRA Providence Equestrian Center of Bonita Springs, FL

30 year old pony, 19 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Everything sweet!

If she were a famous person, she would be: Wonder Woman!

Mariah, aka My Shooting Star, is innately perceptive to the needs of her student and adjusts accordingly. In addition to her regular lessons, she has worked with autistic, blind, and hospice riders. Slow and steady or quick and handy, Mariah and her students have competed from lead line to pony jumpers and everything in between. She still competes regularly in walk/trot and crossrails classes. Mariah is our beloved super hero! PC: Heather Cassese


Cavallo Farms_Petie_PC Amy Center 4.jpgPetie aka GeeWillickers

Adored by RRA Cavallo Farms of Tallahassee, FL

26 year old pony, 15 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Soaked alfalfa cubes

If he were a famous person, he would be: Winnie the Pooh

Petie is our steady Eddie.  He has taught countless children from ages 3 and up.  He is one that we can safely turn kids loose on. While he no longer canters in lessons, he was a great one to teach a canter on. He is so sweet and friendly to every human and horse.  He is everyone’s friend. Photo provided by Amy Center




Jaid Stables_Taylor Swift_PC Jamie Bice 3.jpegTaylor Swift

Adored by RRA Jaid Stables of Canton, GA

11 year old Thoroughbred cross, 4 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Carrots

If she were a famous person, she would be: Taylor Swift

Taylor is the kindest of mares. She teaches longe kids through 2’6" jumping lessons. She loves to horse show and is a favorite at IEA shows. Taylor always tries her best for her riders. She is easy going and happy to do any job you ask her. PC: Jamie Bice



Penelope aka Cornerstone's First Frost

Adored by RRA Cornerstone Farm South of Naples, FL

27 year old Welsh/Arabian cross, 21 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Carrots - but secretly she loves HOT DOGS!!! We never give her them but she obviously has had them in the past!

If she were a famous person, she would be: Betty White - sweet as sugar but strong in character 

Penny came to us as a "crazy" pony no one could ride; I took her in as no one wanted her. After a few weeks with soft hands and a new bit, she was teaching tiny tots! Penny builds great confidence in riders at the trot and starts sneaking into the canter to let us know when a child is ready for the next step. She loves to jump and struts her stuff at the horse show. Many year-end awards bear her name! We counted over 35 riders who started their show "career" on Miss Penny, yet she is just as comfortable at a pony fun day having sticky notes all over her to teach the parts of the horse. She is a gem. PC: Leslie Terry

Four Gs Equestrian_Emperor_PC Ally Mora 2.jpegEmperor aka My Little Warrior

Adored by RRA Four Gs Equestrian of Delray Beach, FL

19 year old Quarter Horse/Halflinger pony, 5 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: He will eat anything!

If he were a famous person, he would be: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Emperor has never pinned his ears, bitten, kicked, or put a hoof wrong towards any human or animal, both in or out of the ring. He is great at teaching riders to steer, trot, canter, and jump up to 2'. Emperor always wears his ears forward and greats you. When walking around, he will try and visit any human on the rail or in the ring. He has no idea what person space means, but in a good way. PC: Ally Mora

MIRC_Lacey_PC 2.jpegLacey

Adored by RRA Miami International Riding Club of Miami, FL

25 year old AQHA large pony, 10 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Carrots

If she were a famous person, she would be: Julia Roberts

Lacey is the most versatile mare ever! She shines in the Lead Line and Short Stirrup divisions with the tiny ones in the Hunter ring, she will easily transition to the initial Jumpers being fabulous at 18" and 2', and she is a super star working with riders with disabilities, helping one of our legally blind students safely navigate the ring and even pop over some trot poles. Lacey is loved by all our campers during summer camp. And if that wasn’t enough, she is amazing at trails and even swims at the lake at our annual lake trip to swim with the horses. She is fabulous in group lessons and works well both with kids and adults. PC: Delfina Raffetti

Driftwood_Lady_PC Sondra Makowski 2.jpgLady aka Ladyhawke

Adored by RRA Driftwood Stable of Hilton Head Island, SC

22 year old Morgan Horse, 7 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: German Horse Muffins

If she were a famous person, she would be: Jacqueline Kennedy

Lady is a jack of all trades, she’s done it all: Hunter/Jumpers, Dressage, Hunter Paces, Western, Trail Rides, and at this stage in her career, Lesson Horse Extraordinaire! Lady is the type of horse that if you can swing a leg over, you can ride her! And she lives up to her name with her classic good looks, smooth and comfortable gaits, and the sweetest personality. Lady knows her job and does it exceedingly well, representing all the best characteristics of a Morgan horse. As our most popular horse, Lady is the “First Lady” of the stable; whether guiding new riders for their first horse experience, teaching students their first canter on the longe line, or carting kids around their first cross rail course, you can count on Lady to be your first choice in the ring and in your heart! PC: Sondra Makowski

Zone 5

 Valentine aka Be Mine 

Adored by RRA Alpine Ridge Farms of Sparta, MI

28 year old Thoroughbred, 20 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Apples

If he were a famous person, he would be: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Valentine is a CANTER horse I purchased off the racetrack when he was six years old. He has excelled in the Hunter ring for many years and has won championships with many students. He was awarded the Good Egg Award last year at the LEHS Finals. Valentine is so patient with new students and, still to this day, loves to jump small fences. He always knows when he is stepping into the show ring and can turn it on. He has always been a barn favorite at Alpine Ridge Farms! PC: Kristine Heard and Jaclyn Alcumbrack

Zone 7

Southern Breeze_Thelwell_PC Cathy Strobel 3.jpegThelwell

Adored by RRA Southern Breeze Equestrian Center of Fresno, TX

22 year old Pony of the Americas,  15 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Apple flavored horse treats

If he were a famous person, he would be: Michael J. Fox

Thelwell loves to take care of our young riders as well as our riders with a variety of disabilities in our therapeutic riding program. He's so patient and kind. But when you put somebody on him that really knows what they're doing, he snaps his little knees up over a jump and is clearly so proud of himself! Thelwell has been one of the favorites at several IEA shows. He's always sweet and wouldn't harm anybody in any way. He is loved by everyone and has helped countless riders learn the finer points of riding through the years. He's honest, at times comical, and always cute! PC: Cathy Strobel


Adored by RRA Victory Stables of Martindale, TX

29 year old Arabian,  22 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Peppermint candies

If he were a famous person, he would be: Abraham Lincoln

Sammie, aka Mr. Wonderful, has been teaching students how to ride most of his life and he loves his job. He has taken many students from their first ride to first jumps. He has been shown extensively in the Hunter ring, has trail ridden and even been known to partake in a gymkhana or two. Though Sammie is in semi-retirement, he still gives a couple lessons a week to our tiniest riders to help keep him fit and carefully guide them through their first lessons. Sammie is a barn favorite and has encouraged students from all over to follow their passions in riding. PC: Cory Valenzuela

Hill Country_Frizz_Stephanie Cook 3.jpegFrizzbee aka Hugz and Kisses

Adored by RRA Hill Country Riding Academy of New Braunfels, TX

35 year old Quarter Horse/Welsh cross,  25 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Carrots

If he were a famous person, he would be: George Washington

Frizz is the best pony in the world! We always joke that he is old enough to have been on the ark with Noah and taught George Washington how to ride! Frizz has the unique ability to be absolutely amazing with experienced riders while testing and challenging beginner riders. Frizz is best at teaching the foundations and preparing riders physically and mentally. In 2021, Frizz competed in his first A-rated division, the medium green ponies at 2'6", at the age of 34! In 2019, Frizz was the IHSA Horse of the Show at Louisiana State University and Horse of the Zone in IEA zone 7! PC: Jerry Mohme

Zone 9

French Hill Farm_May_Kaitlin Chadwick 3.jpegMay aka Call Me Maybe

Adored by RRA French Hill Riding Academy of Aurora, OR

22 year old Paint,  15 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Frosted Mini Wheats

If she were a famous person, she would be: Belle from Beauty and the Beast

'Miss May' or 'May May' is worth her weight in gold. You will never meet a more sweet or patient little girl. Although mostly a western pleasure horse in her earlier years, once at French Hill, she and her first rider went from walk, trot, and canter to showing at 2’3" in just a few years! They were both very proud of themselves! She is beloved at the barn and invokes trust and confidence by all who come in contact with her. She is a marvelous teacher, both reliable and forgiving. When outside riders draw her name at IEA competitions, they actually cheer! She is truly our princess! PC: Kaitlin Chadwick

Bel Canto_BCF Belly Dancer_Suzanne Warmack 4.pngBCF Belly Dancer 

Adored by RRA Bel Canto Farms of Wimberley, TX

17 year old Welsh,  12 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Peppermints

If she were a famous person, she would be: Audrey Hepburn

Belly is always a favorite draw at IEA shows and has been either Horse of the Show or Reserve Horse of the Show several times! PC: Suzanne Warmack



Zone 10

Kalember_Royal_PC Darby Ciampi.jpgRoyal

Adored by RRA Kalember Equine of Sebastopol, CA

13 year old Welsh Pony, 8 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Alfalfa

If he were a famous person, he would be: Danny DeVito

Royal has enough wits to make the riders pay attention to how they handle and treat him. He also has a heart of gold and will teach anyone. He is extremely safe under saddle and LOVES to teach, especially jumping! PC: Darby Ciampii



Elvenstar_Harry_Potter_PC_unsure_see_image.jpgElvenstar Harry Potter

Adored by RRA Elvenstar Farm Academy of Morepark, CA

27 year old paint pony, 15 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Skittles, red vines, peppermints, Jelly Bellys...anything else he can get! 

If he were a famous person, he would be: Why Harry Potter himself, of course!! Daniel  Radcliffe 

Elvenstar Harry Potter is kind and tolerant (but not lazy), great for teaching beginners to canter, and never minds being dressed up for Halloween! Many of our riders who took beginning lessons on Harry have gone on to show at the national level, including Agusta Iwasaki! He is a fabulous teacher and is worth his weight in gold. PC: Kaycee Bischoff


Adored by RRA Liberty Riding Academy of Modesto, CA

25 year old paint pony, 15 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Any brand of cookies 

If he were a famous person, he would be: Mr. Rogers

Boxter is a medium pony who loves children. He is always happy to go out for a ride, is a perfect gentleman to groom, is slow and sweet for the walk-trotters, and safe enough for the 4-year-old rider or sound enough to compete over 2' jumps with a more advanced rider. Boxter is an IEA favorite in our zone and was voted IEA Zone 10 and Region 3 Horse of the Year 2022! PC: Lori Clark