2023 RRA Lesson Horse Honor Roll

Join us in celebrating the true heroes of our sport! ´╗┐These devoted equines contribute to the development of top riders, the sport, and lifelong equestrians. The hardest working and most impactful equines in our industry are honored here for everything they do! Click here to learn more about where these nominees reside and about other currently Recognized Riding Academies in your area.

Zone 1

Folly Farm_Scout_PC Folly Farm Show Stables web.jpegClassy Bow Ty aka Scout

Adored by RRA Folly Farm Show Stables of Simsbury, CT

25 year old Paint, 15 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Anything you want to share!

If he were a famous person, he would be: Justin Bieber

Scout is the ultimate lesson pony. He teaches riders humility, but also how to win. Scout makes you work for every last thing that you want him to do, but the moment he walks in the show ring, he is there to win. He teaches our students not to give up, while also teaching that important lesson about what they can do better. PC: Folly Farm Show Stables

Cavalier Farm_Sly_PC Cheryl LeMoine 2 web.pngSly

Adored by RRA Cavalier Farm of Roxbury, CT

19 year old KWPN Dutch warmblood, 8 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Bananas

If he were a famous person, he would be: Adam Sandler

Sly is very special to us because he is versatile, patient and loves his job. He goes on hunter paces, IEA shows, will jump around a Hunter course or do a Dressage test. He is excellent for summer camp activities such as learning how to clip, bathe, trail ride, and bareback rides. Sly teaches our students how to keep a horse straight and forward and helps riders understand how to ride leg to hand. PC: Cheryl LeMoine

Well-A-Way Farm_Monkey_PC Well-A-Way Farm web.jpegMonkey

Adored by RRA Well-A-Way Farm of Simsbury, CT

20+ year old horse, 10 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Molasses treats or apples

If he were a famous person, he would be: Kevin Hart or Groucho Marx

Monkey is one of a kind! He is best friends with Rufus, our 2022 Honor Roll nominee. He is our go-to guy for everyone's first ever ride because he is safe, comfortable, and adorable! Monkey challenges his students to become more confident, stronger riders. He is so patient and kind. We are so lucky to have him in our program as he’s gotten so many young riders started on their journey! PC: Well-A-Way Farm

Zone 2

L&B Farms_Wes_PC Lisa Capp web.pngWestern Express aka Wes

Adored by RRA L&B Farms of Hershey, PA

19 year old Thoroughbred, 13 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Carrots

If he were a famous person, he would be: Tom Hanks

Wes has been through the whole gamut of students. He used to teach the more advanced students a great canter depart and, more importantly, how to do a downward transition.  He would transition down, but it would take a few laps. Now he is a pro at teaching a nice steady canter into and out of small jumps.  Over the years he dabbled in barrel racing and pole bending, too!  Now he is our go to for IEA shows and teaching the advanced beginners all about pace and jumping. PC: Lisa Capp

L&B Farms_Aztec_PC Cindy Gilbert web.jpgAztec

Adored by RRA L&B Farms of Hershey, PA

30 year old draft cross, 17 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Soft molasses treats

If he were a famous person, he would be: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Aztec is a big Eeyore. He has floppy ears and lips and keeps his head low for kisses and treats. He has been called a "BIG COMFY COUCH" by many students, tall and small. Earlier in life, he was the best at teaching walk, trot, canter, and beginning jumping. These days, he is best at teaching the smallest riders how to stop, steer, mount, walk, learn posting trot, and beginning the canter transition. PC: Cindy Gilbert

Zone 3

Chatham Hall_Martha_PC Chatham Hall web.jpgMartha

Adored by RRA Chatham Hall of Chatham, VA

17 year old American warmblood, 6 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Anything

If she were a famous person, she would be: Blake Lively

Martha is one of the most versatile horses in our barn. She is a seasoned upper level jumper, but also one of the top IEA draws at our shows. She does the Open divisions all the way down to the WTC. This year she went to IEA Nationals and won three blue ribbons with three different riders, participating in two work off classes as well. Martha is amazing! PC: Chatham Hall

Stonehouse Stables_Big Heart_PC Tara M Best web.jpgBig Heart aka Hearty

Adored by RRA Stonehouse Stables of Toano, VA

20 year old Welsh pony, 11 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: ANY FOOD, especially his brothers alfalfa scraps

Hearty is a barn mascot. He greets everyone and puts a smile on your face. He is small and mighty and yet so sweet. He packs the kids around and never asks why. He is worth more than his weight in gold. Hearty stands and allows kids to learn from day one; from learning to body clip to horse showing.  Such a barn favorite. One of his nick names is Sugar because he is so sweet! PC: Tara M. Best


Fountain Greene Farm_Rocky_PC Happy Acres Photography web.jpgRocky

Adored by RRA Fountain Greene Farm of Wake, VA

25 year old Welsh/Thoroughbred cross, 8 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Apples

If he were a famous person, he would be: Tom Hanks. He can play whatever role that is needed during a session from leader to follower. 

The students of Fountain Greene nominate Rocky as our special school pony worthy of an award. He is wise and honest. Retired from his show career, he is happy and willing to walk and trot around the ring. Rocky is never naughty like other ponies we will not mention. He never takes advantage of a beginner. He knows his leads and even once in a while throws in a flying change. What he is best at is teaching kids to use their eyes. Wherever they look, that’s where Rocky goes. If a person looks down he quietly comes to a stop. If the rider looks at the center of a pole he will trot directly over the center. He rewards good habits while patiently ignoring misinformation. He is well respected by the horses and riders in the barn. PC: Happy Acres Photography

Full Moon Farm_Sig_PC Christine Hryzak web.jpegSignal's Choice aka Sig

Adored by RRA Full Moon Farm of Finksburg, MD

18 year old Thoroughbred, 3 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Carrots

If he were a famous person, he would be: Alex Gaskarth because Sig is a rockstar!

Sig is a really cute, sweet guy! He loves to jump and is a fabulous lesson horse for all levels of riders. He has evented, show jumped, hacked around the fields, and is a gentleman in each of the rings. Prior to coming to FMF, Sig earned his keep at Green Spring Valley Hounds and Hunt Club as a whipper-in horse for 9 seasons fox hunting! PC: Christine Hryzak


Chatham Hall_Americana_PC Emma Lane 1 web.jpegAmericana

Adored by RRA Chatham Hall of Chatham, VA

20 year old Paint horse, 7 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Sugar cubes

If he were a famous person, he would be: Keanu Reeves

Americana is consistently the judge's choice for IEA Horse of the Show. He is a barn favorite because of his sweet demeanor and consistency under saddle. He is great at building a rider's confidence over fences. PC: Emma Lane


Zone 4

Jaid Stable_River_PC Jaid web.JPGRiver

Adored by RRA Jaid Stables of Canton, GA

14 year old Thoroughbred, 7 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Peppermints

River is a great and honest horse! PC: Jaid Stables





Cornerstone Farm South_The Great Pumpkin_PC Leslie Terry web.jpgThe Great Pumpkin aka Gracie

Adored by RRA Cornerstone Farm South of Naples, FL

28 year old Quarter Horse, 2 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Shaved carrots

If she were a famous person, she would be: Sandra Bullock

Gracie is kind and patient, and is the best at teaching the canter as she is so smooth. Her longe line manners are impeccable and she will stand and wait while little children attempt to bridle her. She is the favorite of all our adult riders for her smooth transitions and steady pace. She is a metronome! Gracie has NEVER lost a pleasure horse class in 22 years! Gracie has a QH halt, backs on command, and will stand until told to move. I love her little nickers to the kids when she sees them. She is the "grandma" of our program and has been with us since she was 3 years old! She is amazing. I wish I had her in every size, shape and color! PC: Leslie Terry

MSF Sporthorses_Marquis_PC MSF Sporthorses web.pngMarquis

Adored by RRA MSF Sporthorses of Madison, GA

21 year old Thoroughbred, 10 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Peppermints

If he were a famous person, he would be: Donald Glover

Marquis has taught children in his golden years the 3' Children's Hunters all the way to the Silver Stirrups. He is loved by everyone in the barn. He has a smooth, rhythmic canter and allows mistakes to happen. Marquis loves to be bathed and given treats! He also loves to lick you! PC: MSF Sporthorses


Rose Clover Farm_Buddy_ PC Tara Neufeld 1 web.jpegSmart Little Whiz aka Buddy

Adored by RRA Rose Clover Farm of Adams, TN

17 year old Quarter Horse/Paint cross, 10 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Peppermints

If he were a famous person, he would be: Danny DeVito

The best buddy to everyone at the barn, Buddy is a super smart, been there, done that, safe and sane horse friend! From indoor and outdoor ring work to schooling shows to AA competitions, Buddy has his rider covered (and can still bring in those AA blue ribbons!). He's the pony who can trot the most nervous beginner around the opportunity show ring, and still take a more capable rider through the 2'6" courses. And Buddy knows which type of rider you are! He'll be a packer for the over poles, but he expects a partner for the over fences! That's just one reason he's so wonderful. PC: Tara Neufeld

Boca Riding Club_Harvey_PC Boca Riding Club 1 web.jpegHarvey

Adored by RRA Boca Riding Club of Boca Raton, FL

12 year old American Quarter Horse, 5 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Oats and Honey granola bars

If he were a famous person, he would be: Ryan Reynolds

Harvey is the sweetest soul who makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome when they first meet. He's always happy to greet you at the gate and never minds any rider, whether beginner to advanced, adults or children. PC: Boca Riding Club


MSF Sporthorses_Magic_Deborah Gannon  2 web.jpgMagic

Adored by RRA MSF Sporthorses of Madison, GA

27 year old Quarter horse cross, 16 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Stud Muffins


Magic makes learning such a wonderful experience for the children. He is kind, stands quietly to be groomed, trots at the speed of 0, and lopes around slowly and quietly for kids to learn. PC: Deborah Gannon


Zone 5

Hathaway Hill_Rosie_PC Winslow Photography web.jpgCruisin' Around Rosie aka Rosie

Adored by RRA Hathaway Hill of Lebanon, OH

27 year old Thoroughbred, 15 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Carrots

If she were a famous person, she would be: Helen Mirren

Rosie is best at teaching beginners how to jump cross rails.  She loves her job and is always happy and willing to teach.  She never misses a day of work. PC: Winslo Photography


On Course_Sparkle_PC Swan Studios web.jpgSparkle

Adored by RRA On Course Riding Academy of Grayslake, IL

22 year old Welsh, 11 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Peppermints

If she were a famous person, she would be: Marilyn Monroe

Sparkle has been a staple in our program for years. She has taught many young riders the basics as well as being a champion show pony. My daughter started showing her at 4 years old! PC: Swan Studios


Zone 6

Turn Crest Stable_Zanzibar_PC Vicki Holst web.jpgZanzibar

Adored by RRA Turn Crest Stable of Kasson, MN

26 year old Paint, 10 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Zan loves them all!

Zan is so special and everyone loves her. She can teach lead line to 2' jumping.  She will move out for Hunt Seat or do the slowest jog for Western.  She has been champion at many Hunter shows from poles to 2'6" in her day. Zan will stand rock solid for the little ones to brush her and give everyone the feeling of confidence.  PC: Vicki Holst


Northstar Equestrian_Wink_PC Addison Parins 2 web.jpegWink

Adored by RRA Northstar Equestrian of Suamico, WI

13 year old American Quarter Horse, 2 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Graham crackers

If she were a famous person, she would be: Oprah because she is kind and giving

Wink rarely ever puts a hoof wrong and is a fan favorite for all the lesson students. She is a saint and always consistent in her job. On top of that, she has the sweetest eyes and face. Wink has only been jumping for two years and has picked it up almost immediately, packing the kids around the courses in both the Hunters and Jumpers at the "B" and local circuits. Additionally, she does up-down lessons and kids camps! She is an overall wonderful, saint of an animal and absolutely irreplaceable. PC: Addison Parins

Zone 7

Victory Stables_Picasso_PC Victory Stables web.pngPicasso

Adored by RRA Victory Stables Equestrian Academy of Martindale, TX

20 year old Arabian/paint cross, 5 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Carrots

If he were a famous person, he would be: Jimmy Buffet

Picasso is one of our most requested school horses. He will take care of a beginner child or adult and never offer more than what he knows they can handle. He's especially good with teaching the canter. His canter is incredibly smooth and he will offer a beginner 3-4 steps to get used to the feeling and go back to trot without ever taking advantage. He is also an awesome show and IEA horse; jumping or flatting he will always put his rider in the ribbons. His blanket is tie-dyed because Picasso is peace, love and happiness and is known for his laid back personality that nothing phases. PC: Victory Stables Equestrian Academy

Southern Breeze_Piccolo_PC Cathy Strobel web.jpgPiccolo

Adored by RRA Southern Breeze Equestrian Center of Sugar Land, TX

11 year old grade/paint, 7 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Carrots

If she were a famous person, she would be: Miley Cyrus

Piccolo can pack a beginner around, let campers climb all over her, and make someone shine in the show ring. Everyone enjoys riding Piccolo! She is one of our most popular school horses and she's beautiful on top of it! PC: Cathy Strobel



Boca Riding Club_Misty_PC Suzanne Joan Warmack 1 web.jpgMisty

Adored by RRA Bel Canto Farms of Wimberley, TX

18 year old Quarter Horse/Arabian cross, 5 years giving lessons at Bel Canto

Favorite Treat: Starlight Peppermints

If she were a famous person, she would be: Mae West

Misty teaches riders how to ride straight and keep her straight (a very important lesson for all). Once a rider is committed to straight, she is perfect. No buck, spook, or run off. She is kind at all times. I got her from an "older" dressage lady who was a little intimidated by her. Whenever the lady tacked her up for a ride, Misty would pin her ears and act like she was going to bite, but it was all an act, of course. I discovered that if we growl at her she drops the act. So, it's kind of funny to see and hear little kids growling at her and getting THEIR way. When given an option, the kids all want to ride Misty. They have to do rock, paper, scissors a few times to settle who get her for their lesson. PC: Suzanne Joan Warmack

Boca Riding Club_Danny Boy_PC Suzanne Joan Warmack 1 web.jpgBCF Danny Boy

Adored by RRA Bel Canto Farms of Wimberley, TX

26 year old Irish Thoroughbred, 10 years giving lessons at Bel Canto

Favorite Treat: Carrots or peppermints

If he were a famous person, he would be: Barack Obama

Like Obama, he's no drama and diligently does his job. Danny requires a bit of leg to motivate but has one of the best canters on the planet. At 26, he is starting to step down from supporting the taller riders. He's been a fan favorite amongst the littles in our program. He gives them a great first canter experience and loves all the attention. Danny has taught many riders over the years (including before coming to Bel Canto) with much patience. He deserves to be honored.. PC: Suzanne Joan Warmack

Hill Country_Thor_PC Stephanie Cook 1 web.jpgScrubbing Bubbles aka Thor

Adored by RRA Hill Country Riding Academy of New Braunfels, TX

17ish year old Welsh (?), 10 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: It depends on his mood

If he were a famous person, he would be: Danny DeVito

"The Mighty Thor" is a 12-hand high ball of lightning! When he first came to us, he was a very difficult ride, but has since settled well and is the absolute BEST instructor for all riders! He loves beginners and NEVER has to be kicked hard to trot! He teaches everyone that they need to steer to stay on the rail and go into the corners. He has the BEST canter and teaches everyone what a good pace is. We couldn't run our lesson program without "Scrubbing Bubbles"! PC: Stephanie Cook

Sunny Fox Farms_Wally_PC SFF 2 web.jpegWally

Adored by RRA Sunny Fox Farms of Wimberley, TX

18 year old Quarter Horse pony cross, 15 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: He'll do anything for a carrot!

If he were a famous person, he would be: Walter Mitty!

Wally is the sweetest, kindest soul and helps every single level of rider to achieve goals and gain confidence. From longe line lessons up to 2'3",  he will assure everyone a fun and beneficial ride. PC: Sunny Fox Farms



Victory Stables_Phillipe_PC Brenna Quilter 2.JPGPhillipe

Adored by RRA Victory Stables of Martindale, TX

13 year old American Quarter Horse, 3 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Carrots

If he were a famous person, he would be: George Strait

Philippe is one of our most beloved lesson horses, taking care of all ages and skill level. He has done lessons, IEA, and local shows and never blinks an eye. He is the perfect horse for a student's first show. We always say his motto is, "Don't worry kid, I got this!" He is one of our number one go-to horses for beginners because he will never take advantage of his rider and shows up to every lesson with the best can-do attitude. PC: Brenna Quilter

Sunny Fox Farms_Caberneigh aka Red_PC SFFphotos web.jpegCaberneigh aka Red

Adored by RRA Sunny Fox Farms of Wimberley, TX

6 year old American Quarter Horse, 2 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Anything put in front of him!

If he were a famous person, he would be: Robert Redford

Red is THE Jack of all trades. At 17hh he is the gentlest giant whose essence makes everyone comfortable. Red teaches first-time beginners all the way up to IHSA Open riders. He can foxhunt over the weekend and then work kiddy camp during the week. He comes to the gate when called and is a total goof in the pasture. We are so grateful for Red's incredible brain and maturity. He truly loves his jobs and always has a happy expression in his face. PC: Sunny Fox Farms

Zone 9

Quiet Rein_Cool Knight Beeze_PC Natalie Clark web.jpegCool Knight Breeze aka Knight

Adored by RRA Quiet Rein Riding School of Oregon City, OR

21 year old Thoroughbred, 8 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Pink Lady apples

If he were a famous person, he would be: Pigpen from Peanuts

Knight has taught many children and adults to ride in the last few years. He has found a second career as a steady and dependable, nearly unflappable, kind soul who is comfortable doing anything from the lead-line, to poles, to the 2'6" Hunter Derby or Equitation. He figures out how to get to the other side of the jump almost no matter what mistake the rider might make, with a good sense of self preservation for both himself and his rider. Knight has participated in many IEA and IHSA events, been dressed up for Halloween, and taken many kids through their first ever horse show. Being a true native of the Pacific Northwest, his very favorite activity is wallowing in a mud puddle in turnout. Though a favorite lesson assignment, everyone knows that if Knight has been outside, you better come early for your lesson because there will be a lot of mud to remove! PC: Natalie Clark

JumpStart Training_Stella Regina_PC Kiri Farler-Smith 1 web.jpegStella Regina

Adored by RRA JumpStart Training of Covington, WA

18 year old Canadian Sport Horse, 7 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Everything but especially STARBUCKS and bananas

If she were a famous person, she would be: Kim Kardashian with Queen Elizabeth II mixed in

Stella’s been such an incredible teacher for my program and has been around from the beginning, helping me grow into what it is now. Stella is confident and the biggest personality. She won't give up anything for free but as soon as you press those right buttons, she gives you an amazing ride. She has taught everything from A-circuit Hunters/Jumpers to beginners getting on their first horse ever to students coming back to riding, has cross trained in Eventing, and is now an outstanding Dressage instructor. She is sensitive enough to teach beginners with such care and yet is a  bit spunky for more advanced riders, which is part of what makes her so loved. PC: JumpStart

Zone 10

Franktown Meadows_Gem_PC Lynn MacLean 2 web.jpegGem

Adored by RRA Franktown Meadows Riding Academy of Washoe Valley, NV

20 year old Welsh pony

Favorite Treat: Carrots

If she were a famous person, she would be: The best preschool teacher

Gem is as patient as the day is long. She has that girl-next-door beauty with a small dose of feistiness. Gem specializes in teaching our tiniest riders how to post. Her little trot has just enough bounce to let them learn to go up and down in a rhythm without scaring them. Gem has also given dozens of kids their first taste of cantering and jumping. If your first time cantering is on Gem, then you are lucky enough to belong to the elite "Gem's Canter Club". PC: Lynne MacLean


Ighani Sporthorses_Gordon_PC Ighani Sporthorses web.jpgFlash Gordon

Adored by RRA Ighani Sporthorses of Fairfax, CA

18 year old Dutch Warmblood, 2 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Mints, carrots, strawberries, carrot pellets and plums

If he were a famous person, he would be: Hugh Jackman or Harry Styles

Gordon (aka Flashy) is beyond special! Such a well-rounded boy that in his previous career he was doing dressage, eventing, show jumpers, equitation, and has even been in a parade! He has spent the last two years as a lesson horse whose particularly great at letting the kids learn bareback and longe lessons. He's a bit slow in his way of going but teaches the kids how to get a horse forward the right way and is so rewarding when you get things right. You really feel he loves his work and is happy in his new job. Gordon is such a gentle giant, and we are so grateful for him to be a part of the program and all of our lives! PC: Ighani Sporthorses

Kalember Equine_Fantastic Mr Finn_Melissa Kalember web.jpegFantastic Mr. Finn

Adored by RRA Kalember Equine of Sebastopol, CA

14 year old thoroughbred, 5 years giving lessons

Favorite Treat: Carrots

If he were a famous person, he would be: Tom Holland

Finn understands that he is teaching the humans how to ride. He does his part even when the rider is figuring out what to do. He has the patience of a saint! PC: Melissa Kalember