Frequently Asked Questions

When will my horse’s microchip be scanned?
Horses are subject to scanning at any time including, but not limited to: at the time of a measurement, during a drug test, or when showing in USEF- licensed and/or USHJA-sanctioned championship events.

What information does USEF read off the microchip?
The only information contained on the microchip is the chip number. 
This number is tied to the information you provide to USEF.

How will competition secretaries know if a horse has been microchipped?
The microchip number will be added to a horse’s USEF/USHJA certificate and verification, which is information available to competition secretaries.

Should I have another microchip put in my horse if it doesn’t have a compliant microchip?
Yes. You need to have a 15-digit ISO compliant 11784/11785 microchip. Once a compliant microchip is implanted, you should report both numbers to the USEF.

What should I do if my horse has multiple microchips?
If a horse has multiple microchips, please report the number for every microchip to the USEF even if one of the microchips is not compliant.

How much does microchipping cost?
The cost varies depending upon the veterinarian conducting the procedure, starting at $20.

Who can I contact for more information?
For more information about the microchipping requirement, contact USEF Customer Care by phone at (859) 258-2472, send an email to (please allow up to 24 hours response time), or log onto and choose online support to live chat with a representative. USEF Customer Care representatives are available M-F 8:30am to 5pm ET.