Member Comment Period Open for 2021 USHJA Zone Specifications

LEXINGTON, Ky.—April 22, 2020—The U.S. Hunter Jumper Association is pleased to announce that the Member Comment Period for 2021 USHJA Zone Specifications is open.

"Each zone has their own specifications, and zone committees review these specifications each year and discuss any changes they want to recommend based on what they feel is best for their individual zone,” said USHJA President Mary Babick. “We then open the member comment period to make sure members have an opportunity to voice their opinion. We hope you will take time to submit your feedback.”

Zone specifications detail nuances to how C-rated sections, such as Children's and Adult Amateur Hunter and Jumper, Children's Hunter Pony, and Age Group Equitation, run in certain zones. Development of zone specifications allows for members to earn recognition through the Zone Horse of the Year program in classes that are run in a way that best suits the needs of members in that area of the country.

Each year, the USHJA Zone Committees closely review the specifications for their zone to make any adjustments to better serve the needs of the zone, and then the USHJA makes these adjusted specifications available for member comment.

The member comment period for zone specifications will be open until May 17, and members simply email comments or suggestions to Access the drafts of the 2021 Zone Specifications at