Angel Karolyi Earns USEF/USHJA Leading Open Jumper Rider at AON/USHJA National Championships


Las Vegas—November 15, 2018—After earning both the USEF/USHJA 1.20m and 1.30m Open Jumper Championship titles, Angel Karolyi, 31, of Wellington, Florida, received the USEF/USHJA Leading Open Jumper Rider Award and was presented an engraved Prize Possessions crystal bowl on the third day of competition at the AON/USHJA National Championships.

“It’s always nice to be leading rider at a championship,” said Karolyi. “This is my first time here out in Vegas, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I think the championship is a great concept, and the idea of qualifying gives it more importance. I have two really nice horses here, and I’m thankful to my owners for allowing me to ride such nice horses. It’s a pleasure.”

Angel Karolyi was recognized as the USEF/USHJA Leading Open Jumper Rider and received an engraved Prize Possessions crystal bowl. Credit: Tricia Booker/USHJA

Karolyi piloted Silver Raven Farms’ April Moon to the USEF/USHJA 1.20m Open Jumper Champion title, winning the first two classes of the Championship and finishing fourth in the $10,000 USEF/USHJA 1.20m Open Jumper Grand Prix.

In the USEF/USHJA 1.30m Open Jumper Championship, Karolyi continued his winning ways to garner the title aboard Eden Valley Stables’ Brightly. They placed third in the Welcome class, followed by a win in the second class and another fourth-placed finish in the $10,000 USEF/USHJA 1.30m Open Jumper Grand Prix.

It was the Invicta Farms’ entry Foxxy with Sarah Williams, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the irons that claimed top honors in the $10,000 USEF/USHJA 1.30m Open Jumper Grand Prix, and the pair finished overall as Reserve Champion.

1.30m GP winner.jpg
Sarah Williams and Foxxy win $10,000 USEF/USHJA 1.30m Open Jumper Grand Prix. Credit: Tricia Booker

Sarah Abdi, of Anaheim, California, took the top spot in the $10,000 USEF/USHJA 1.20m Open Jumper Grand Prix aboard Champion Technology Group’s Eliana, and the pair claimed the overall Reserve Champion in the 1.20m Championship.

Sarah Abdi_1.20m GP Champion.jpg Angel Karolyi_1.20m Champion.jpg

Sarah Abdi and Eliana win the $10,000 USEF/USHJA 1.20m

Open Jumper Grand Prix. Credit: Tricia Booker/USHJA

Karolyi and April Moon win the USEF/USHJA 1.20m

Open Jumper Champion title. Credit: Tricia Booker/USHJA

Wrapping up the day in the South Point Arena, Ashlee Bond, of Hidden Hills, California, and Little Valley Farms’ Donatello 141 were the winners in the $10,000 USEF/USHJA 1.40m Grand Prix. With second-placed finishes in each of the three classes, Kristin Hardin, of New Cuyama, California, and her own Bert were named USEF/USHJA 1.40m Open Jumper Champions. Natalie Dean, of Palo Alto, California, and her own Chacco’s Goldy finished as Reserve Champion overall in the USEF/USHJA 1.40m Open Jumper Championships.

1.40m GP Winner.jpg 1.40m Champion.jpg

Ashlee Bond and Donatello 141$10,000 USEF/USHJA 1.40m

Grand Prix. Credit: Tricia Booker/USHJA

Kristin Hardin and Bert win USEF/USHJA 1.40m Open

Jumper Champions. Credit: Tricia Booker/USHJA

Meanwhile in the Preifert Pavilion, 1.10m Children’s and Adult, and 1.20 Junior and Amateur competitors completed their speed classes before they head into tomorrow’s final $10,000 USEF/USHJA Grand Prix classes that wrap up each of the four Championships. Also, Amateur Owner and Junior Hunters kicked off their Championships with Welcome and Handy Hunter rounds in the Preifert Pavillion.

Free Educational Sessions for All

USHJA's free educational sessions began today as well. Fresh from serving as a lead physical therapist for the World Equestrian Games, Sharon Classen, PT, ATC, CERP, gave an engaging presentation on the importance of riders taking care of their bodies.

“You need to look at yourself as an athlete,” she urged riders at every level. Longevity in the sport, increasing performance and how the rider affects the horse are the main focus of PT for riders, Sharon explained.

She demonstrated the biomechanical evaluation that starts correct physical therapy treatment, performing a “joint mobilization” on one rider’s hip, the most common problem area for equestrians. Although physical therapy is common practice for elite athletes in mainstream sports, it’s relatively unfamiliar in the equestrian world. The charismatic presenter noted that too many riders just live with their injuries.

“They never treat it, but over a long period of time, repetitive injuries can lead to a compensatory injuries."

Classen left the attendees with great take-aways: i.e., stand on one foot for 20 seconds, then the other, then do both with your eyes closed, as a simple daily experience to improve balance.

“Do that every day for five days and you’ll improve your balance by 75 percent,” she said.

Classen will hold a second session tomorrow, November 16, directly behind the Saloon, that focuses on PT for horses. The session will take place at 4 p.m. PT, and the session is free and open to all. Three more sessions on judging, veterinary considerations, and farrier considerations will take place on Sunday.

Where To Watch

The inaugural Championships continue through Sunday, and USEF Network is hosting wall-to-wall coverage of the AON/USHJA National Championships. Check out all the details here:

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