The USHJA Member Experience

Introducing the new personalized, interactive and intuitive USHJA digital member experience and online member account!

The USHJA has developed a powerful personalization engine that gives our members the ability to customize their online member account specifically to their individual membership needs. This new digital experience and online member account allows our members to create a tailored and individual profile starting with the new membership renewal process. Now you will be able to easily apply, renew, upgrade or edit your USHJA Membership directly through

While the new online member account is intuitive, we have multiple opportunities for you to preview and learn how to use the new platform including a webinar series, tutorials, FAQs and more. Keep an eye out for further details as we continue to reveal more about your new USHJA Member Experience! 

Learn everything you need to know about your new and improved USHJA Member Experience and Online Member Account with these webinars


Introduction to the
New Member Experience & Improved
Online Member Account



The Registration and
Renewal Process




Your Top Questions
Answered Live



Beginning December 2021, all USHJA renewals or new member applications will be redirected to the new USHJA Member Experience directly on

Active/Competing members planning to compete in USEF-rated competitions must renew their US Equestrian membership separately though In addition, as of December 2021, horse registrations, transfers, leases and name changes will need to be competed through both USHJA and US Equestrian.

1. Look out for your welcome email with a direct link or go to and click on Member Account.
2. That link will take you to your new login page where you will:

  • Verify your identity
  • Choose your username and password

3. That’s it. You’re in!

4. Once you're in, a helpful guide is available to give you a quick tour of your new account.

Key features that will be introduced throughout 2022 include:

  • Easy-to-use, mobile-friendly and intuitive design
  • Personalize your online USHJA member account through our new interactive “social media style” member dashboard. This dashboard is designed to empower you through a customizable single-point access to your profile details, virtual learning modules, programs, benefits, education, membership card and payment settings.
  • Easily apply, renew, upgrade or edit your USHJA Membership from your personalized dashboard.
  • New shopping cart feature enables you to quickly pay for membership, enrollment, horse registration and more in a single payment transaction!
  • Add your Membership Card to your Apple, Google or Samsung Wallet to easily access without logging into your account.
  • Easy and direct access to perks and discounts your membership provides.
  • Direct access to your personalized virtual learning courses and educational training videos.
  • Quickly view all your scheduled events for enrolled programs, education, USHJA events and committees in your adaptive calendar that integrates and syncs easily to your personal devices.
  • Easily organize family members together with the new Family Manager and save time by accessing all your family’s USHJA activities in one place.
  • Get permission from your clientele to complete enrollments for rider and horse programs and manage everything from your dashboard with My Rider Manager.
  • Support your business in the easily accessible My Organization Manager.
  • Utilize the Competition Manager Dashboard, a brand-new proprietary intelligence tool designed to support competition managers with dynamic analytics and insights needed for the generation and sustainability of exciting programs, competitor services, business development and biosecurity in these uncertain times on into the future.


1. Why was the New Member Experience and online account happening?

This new and improved online account is to serve you better. The changes provide an easy to use and intuitive experience for you to navigate your account and access great features such as member benefits and discounts, universal shopping cart for program enrollment, memberships and horse registrations and more! You can access all these great new tools by logging in through the email link you receive or visiting


2. Why was this overhaul necessary?

We’ve received a lot of member feedback over the years. We listened and have created this new and improved online account based on your feed!


3. Is USHJA preparing to split from USEF?

No, USHJA is not separating from USEF.


4. Why do I have to go to each site to renew USEF and USHJA memberships?

To give you great new tools and features that you've asked for over the years! While you'll need to register or renew separately, the USHJA and USEF registration process will have links to each other to help you easily navigate the process.


User Guide & Policies

1. How will I know how to access my new USHJA member portal?

You will receive a link to sign in to your new portal in an email. If you do not receive a link for any reason, you will be able to log in via


2. I like my current username and password. Will I need to change both?

No, you don't have to! Simply enter your existing username and password in the new link we will email you early December or log in at


3. Will my current membership show up at USHJA or do I have to start over?

Yes, your current membership will show up! No, this won’t affect your membership type or renewal date.


4. How do I update my contact or profile information?

There is a link to edit your profile directly next to your contact info in your USHJA member portal. A direct link to manage your billing information and membership is also available to you on the home screen of your dashboard.


5. Will the enrollment process be the same, or will I need to do it through the portal?

We have centralized the ability to complete enrollments from one central point of access in the USHJA member portal to simplify the process. Instead of going to separate web pages, you will be able to access all enrollments from your USHJA member portal.


6. Is there an app?

No, but your entire digital member account is mobile-friendly!


7. How will my information be used and how will it be shared?

Don’t worry! To verify that all our privacy laws and policies are up to date, we continuously consult with legal entities to ensure accuracy for the safety of your information.


8. What are your privacy policies?

Click here to view the USHJA Privacy Policy.


Membership & Fees

1. How will these changes affect current Life Members?

Current Life Members won’t be affected! New Life Members will need to join through both USHJA and USEF.


2. Will all current horses with active/lifetime USEF/USHJA memberships have to get new USHJA only memberships?

No, if your horse is a Lifetime Registered horse with USHJA it will stay that way!


3. My membership expires in July 2022. Will my membership still be valid until then?

Yes! Your membership isn’t changing, you will only need to renew at


4. How much more is this going to cost? Will fees stay the same?

We aren’t changing any existing membership or horse fees.


5. Why do we have to register separately for USEF? I thought streamlining was key. Instead, this seems like more money and more time.

This new and improved online account is to serve you better! You won’t see an increase in your membership fees; you’ll only pay USHJA and USEF fees separately.

USHJA Active/Competing Member fee: $85

USEF Active/Competing Member fee: $80

Total: $165


6. What happens if you renew or transfer a horse at USEF, but forget to do it at USHJA? Will the fees be the same as they have been, or will they go up with this change?

Horses will need the same recorded owner with both USEF and USHJA. The USHJA horse transfer fee has always been $20, and this is not increasing.


7. Will I have to pay a separate fee to both USEF and USHJA for horse recordings, transfers, name changes, etc.?

For horse registration, the USHJA fee is currently $75 and is not increasing.

For transfers and name changes, the USHJA fee is currently $20 and it is not increasing.

These will simply need to be paid separately to USHJA. Existing USEF fees will need to be paid directly to USEF.


The only new fee for USHJA is a lease recording that must be done separately. The USHJA fee will be $20. Please visit for details on their lease recording fees.


8. Will I have to pay annual membership fees to both USHJA and USEF when I am also required to pay USEF and USHJA fines at rated shows as well?

USHJA does not fine you to compete at a rated competition. If you mean show pass fees, you don’t have to worry about that with proof of valid membership. As a USHJA member with valid membership proof, the USHJA show pass fee is waived.