Annual Responsibilities of TCP Trainers

All Certified Trainers are responsible for the following:

  • Maintaining current contact information with USHJA. To update contact information, please click here.
  • Maintaining USHJA Active or Collegiate Coach Membership annually. 
  • In compliance with USEF membership and USHJA Trainer Certification program requirements, TCP Trainers are required to complete Safe Sport Training annually in order to maintain certification. To access the free, online Safe Sport Training, please click here.  To review information regarding the Safe Sport Initiative and USEF Safe Sport Policy, please visit
  • Adhering to all USEF rules. If an individual is suspended by the USEF, that individual's USHJA Trainer Certification or Provisional status will be suspended for the same time period. Upon completion of the USEF suspension period, the individual's USHJA Trainer Certification will be reinstated, absent good cause to the contray.  Reinstatement of the individual's USHJA Trainer Certification remains at the sole discretion of the USHJA.
  • Beginning August 5, 2020, Certified Trainers are no longer required to submit annual proof of insurance

Should you neglect these responsibilities, your certificaiton will be at risk.