Trainer Certification Renewal

Throughout the 2020 competition year, the Trainer Certification program will undergo a transition period to further develop the program to better mold and define the abilities of our professionals.

Currently Certified and Provisional trainers will maintain their certification status through their renewal year. Trainers due to renew in 2020 should plan to follow the current renewal process while subsequent renewals will be asked to renew into the new program.

Certified and Provisional trainers will remain on the USHJA TCP Directory and will retain TCP status as long as the annual requirements for insurance, Safe Sport, and membership are maintained.

TCP Renewal Requirements

Certified and Provisional trainers are required to renew their certification every five years. To renew a, trainers must be full-time professional hunter/jumper trainers working within the industy. If you no longer teach and/or train full-time, you are not eligible for renewal.  The following requirements must be completed and submitted by the end of the fifth competition year from the date of certification.  The renewal requirements can be submitted in any order.

  • Submit Request for Renewal Form and $25 renewal fee. Log into your USHJA account and click "TCP Renewal" under the USHJA Trainer Certification Program section.
  • Update your Certified Trainer Profile on the directory. Log into your USHJA member account and click Trainer Input Form to update your information. Click here for instructions to edit your profile.
  • Undergo a criminal background check with Coeus Global. It may take up to 4 weeks for your background check to be completed. Please be aware that your background check fee is non-refundable and may vary by State. Click here to start the registration process for your background check. Background checks from USEF will not be accepted. 
  • Complete Safe Sport Training or Refresher Course. You can review information regarding the Safe Sport Initiative and USEF Safe Sport Policy here. You can complete your free Safe Sport Training through the Team USA website here.
  • Complete one of the following educational pieces:
  • Concussion Awareness Video.  All TCP candidates are required to complete the Concussion Awareness video and quiz at least once. If you have not completed the Concussion course, click here to access the free video. You will be required to complete a short quiz with a score of 100% following the video. You are permitted to take the quiz as many times you wish.

For more information about the new trainer education program, click here