USHJA Ride n' Win Challenge

Looking for a fun way to share your passion and have a chance to win great prizes? Then join USHJA Ride ‘n Win and get rewarded for sharing your passion for the sport!

USHJA Ride n’ Win is a rewards system for dedicated riders who are looking to join the community and share their commitment to horsemanship! You earn points for documenting and sharing your journey via Prospeqs, and the top point-earners win fabulous prizes. Between now and November 1, the USHJA will give away 24 prizes, ranging from a USHJA canvas tote, a free pair of Parlanti paddock boots, CWD halter, Essex show shirts and more!

To learn more and join the challenge, download the Prospeqs app from the Apple Store or Google Play.


 The Challenge has four phases. At the end of each phase, prizes will be awarded to the top three rider-and-horse teams on the junior and amateur Challenge Leaderboards.

Phase 1: Ends July 20, 2020

1.    Essex Show Shirt
2.    USHJA canvas tote

Phase 2: Ends August 24, 2020

1.    $100 towards a pair of Fits Breeches
2.    CWD halter
3.    USHJA sun shirt

Phase 3: Ends September 28, 2020

1.    $200 Grooming Basket from Straight Arrow
2.    USHJA outerwear item

Phase 4: Ends November 1, 2020

1.    Parlanti paddock boots
2.    USHJA saddle pad, backpack, and garment bag

How to Earn Points for Leaderboard Ranking



Joining the challenge

+5 points*

Sharing your ride with a photo or video to USHJA

+5 points

Sharing photo or video of your horse participating in a USHJA program, such as the USHJA National Hunter Derby

+10 points

Sharing your ride with media from Prospeqs to social media using #USHJARidenWin

+5 points

Creating a ride from shared media

+5 points

Adding 5 new friends to your friends list

+10 points*

Connecting Prospeqs to Facebook

+5 points*

Commenting on a ride shared with you

+1 points*

Submitting pre-entries to the National Championship

+25 points

*Points awarded to your primary horse.