USHJA Guide to Competition Rules

The United States Equestrian Federation is the governing body for equestrian sport and as such maintains and implements programs and policies to protect human and equestrian athletes. The USEF Rulebook is designed to delineate boundaries that create an environment for fair and honest competition within which equestrians can enjoy competing safely, with integrity and respect. USEF Rules are intended:

  • To promote integrity, honesty, equal opportunity, fair play, responsibility, respect and enjoyment in equestrian sport.
  • To keep competition in the perspective of the USEF stated mission.
  • To encourage and reward performance excellence and initiative at every level.
  • To protect the health, safety, and well-being of participants.

As the national affiliate for hunters and jumpers, the USHJA plays an important role in providing input to USEF rules that affect the hunter and jumper disciplines. At the same time, the USHJA aims to help our members understand the rules in place and proposals being considered, while providing a mechanism through which our members can provide feedback and input to the rules that affect them. This section of our site is designed to help hunter/jumper equestrians navigate current rules, rules that will take effect soon and those being proposed.

2018 Hunter/Jumper Rules

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USEF Presidential Modifications

Rule Changes Approved by USEF on January 20:

Rule Change Proposals Disapproved by USEF on January 20

Rule Change Proposals withdrawn in advance of the January 20 USEF Board of Directors meeting

For the entire set of rule changes approved by USEF on January 20, 2018, click here.