USHJA Outreach Program

The USHJA Outreach Program has been established to engage and connect Hunter and Jumper riders, trainers and horse owners with the USHJA by providing the opportunity to participate in USHJA branded classes, to earn points toward year-end rewards and awards, and to earn the chance to participate in the prestigious USHJA National Championships

Learn About the USHJA Outreach Program

The USHJA Outreach Program offers two levels of competition: 

  • Category 1: USHJA Outreach branded classes offered within an existing competition not affiliated with a USEF competition
  • Category 2: USHJA Classes offered within a USEF licensed competition

USHJA Outreach Classes provide the opportunity to earn national recognition in classes from walk/trot to 3'0" in Hunter and Equitation sections and .60m-1.20m in Jumper sections at rated and local shows.

Any rider may compete in Outreach Hunter, Jumper and Equitation classes, but riders wishing to earn points and national recognition must be a USHJA free Outreach member or any other USHJA member category.

Competitors with a USHJA free Outreach membership or any other USHJA member category will be eligible to earn year-end awards and rewards in Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation. Rewards for competing in any USHJA Outreach Class (Hunter, Equitation, Jumper) will be based on total points earned. Riders achieving a Bronze, Silver or Gold point level will be eligible to redeem their points at year-end for items of their choice: USHJA logo wear; Bronze, Silver, or Gold Outreach ribbons; or Outreach medallions.

  • High Point Awards: The highest pointed Gold level rider in each Zone will earn the Golden Backstage Pass to participate in USHJA National Championship Affiliate Sections, the Grand Prix Show Jumping and Hunter Derby course walks, and educational sessions.
  • Trainers Awards: Trainers who are USHJA free Outreach members or higher will be awarded points based on their students competing in Outreach classes (student must be a USHJA free Outreach members or higher). One trainer from each Zone whose riders have earned 100 or more points cumulatively will be recognized as the USHJA Outreach High Point Trainer.
  • Horses Awards: Owners of horses competing in Outreach Classes wishing to have their horses earn points towards awards must register their horse with USHJA ($20/year or $75 lifetime). Horses are not required to be registered with USHJA or microchipped to compete in Outreach classes. 

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Below are the available classes for the USHJA Outreach Programs.


Hunter Walk Trot Poles
Hunters 18" or X-rail
Hunters  2'
Hunters  2'3"
Hunters 2'6"
Hunters 2'9"
Hunters 3'
Hunter Derby


Jumper .60m
Jumper .65m
Jumper .70m
Jumper .75-.80m
Jumper .85m
Jumper .90-.95m
Jumper 1.0 -1.05m
Jumper 1.10-1.15m
Jumper 1.20m


Walk Trot Equitation
Walk, Trot, Canter Equitation
Equitation 18" or X-rail
Equitation 2'
Equitation 2'3"
Equitation 2'6"
Equitation 2'9"
Equitation 3'

Specifications for USHJA Outreach Program

Outreach Program
(Effective 12/1/2023 through 11/30/2024)

Outreach Program
(Effective 12/1/2024 through 11/30/2025)

Learn About the USHJA Outreach Program

USHJA Outreach Overview
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