Director At-Large Seat Vacancy - Special Election

Welcome! Thank you for your membership, and we look forward to your participation in the 2024 Director At-Large Seat Vacancy Special Election. As a Senior Active/Competing or Senior Education/Non-Competing member in good standing, you are eligible to participate in the nomination process for this Director At-Large position on the Board. Elections to the USHJA Board of Directors are voted on by Board members based on input from USHJA membership through the nomination process.

In this election, the Nominating Committee will be seeking nominations to fill one Director At-Large seat vacancy.

The following provides an overview of the process for the 2024 Director At-Large Seat Vacancy – Special Election, including the timeline. For more information on the election process, check out the USHJA Bylaws.

Nomination period has closed.


Nominating Committee Timeline for Special Election
(Vacant Director At-Large Seat)

APRIL 19 Membership nomination period to fill vacant Director At-Large seat begins.
MAY 6 Membership nomination period to fill vacant Director At-Large seat ends and questionnaires sent out to nominees.
MAY 20 Deadline for all nominee responses to questions to be submitted to the Executive Office of the USHJA, Lexington, KY. Following receipt and review of the written responses to interview questions, the Nominating Committee shall meet to determine which candidates to interview based on job descriptions and any specific requirements.
JUNE The nature and location of the interview process will be determined by the Nominating Committee and may be in-person or via conference call or another process as determined by the Nominating Committee. Nominating Committee candidate interview process begins. At least five members of the Nominating Committee must be present during the interview. A duty of the Chair of the Nominating Committee is to ensure use of a consistent set of interview questions for all Candidates seeking similar positions.
JULY 1 Final Slate of Candidates – The Nominating Committee shall review all individuals’ submissions, interview those with necessary qualifications, select the two most qualified individuals (where possible) for the vacant Director-At Large seat for the USHJA Board of Directors agenda, and for posting on the USHJA website.

Election at special Board of Directors meeting