USHJA Virtual Clinics FAQs

What is a Virtual Riding Clinic (VRC)?

The USHJA Virtual Riding Clinic is modeled after a traditional two-day mounted, live clinic. Each day, riders are assigned flatwork and jumping exercises and an expert clinician offers tips and feedback to improve ride-ability, jumping style, rider position, correctness, self-carriage, effectiveness of aids...the list goes on! 

What is covered in a Virtual Riding Clinic?

Each participant's video is shown and the clinician will give individualized, constructive feedback. The group will discuss goals, covers exercises and tips for riding at home, show preparation and more. On Day 1, the clinician will give tips to help for a second video. A second video will need to be recorded and submitted, utilizing the feedback from Day 1. The group will then meet one week later and continue discussion. Day 2 will conclude with longer-term suggestions and feedback for continued growth and improvement. 

Who can ride?

Anyone! These VRCs are for juniors, amateurs and professionals with focus on the hunter, jumper, or equitation ring. Horses and ponies of all ages are welcome. Just be sure to register for the appropriate focus and height section. 

What do I need to ride?

You will need someone to video you riding the prescribed flatwork and jumping exercises. The jumping exercises will not require a full show course set of jumps and poles; schooling standards and several poles and/or cavalletti are sufficient. See our Rider Tips for turnout recommendations for you and your horse or pony.

What do I need to video?

The clinicians, through USHJA staff, will assign flatwork and a jumping exercise to guide the video. 

The video submission should be about eight minutes in length. Your volunteer videographer should record horizontally, on mute, be able to zoom in and out, and the camera needs to follow you and your horse/pony throughout. Keep in mind that the video is for training purposes and you don't have to be perfect! Submit your video here.

How long/when is it?

Your riding group (i.e. 3’ Hunters) will be assigned two clinic days one week apart (i.e. Friday, May 28 AND Friday, June 5 at 1 p.m. ET). Each session will last about 60-90 minutes, taking place virtually. Be prepared with a device with both video and audio capabilities. 

What are the VRC timelines?

Each focus has registration deadlines. Upon registration, you receive two clinic dates (see above) one week apart and a Day 1 flatwork/jumping exercise. Video deadlines can be found here

How much does it cost?

For both days, USHJA Virtual Clinic registration is $100 for USHJA members (above Outreach level) and $150 for non-members. Registration is first come, first served.

Can I ride in just one day of a VRC?

No, when registering, you enroll for both days of the VRC.

Can I ride in more than one VRC?

Yes! You can ride in multiple height sections of the same focus or more than one VRC focus. 

Can I ride a different horse for Day 1 and Day 2?

It is preferred that you stay on the same mount (unless suggested otherwise by the clinician). However, should your horse/pony be unable for a second video, then you may use a different horse. 

Can my parent/friend/child/trainer/neighbor audit?

YES! Auditing is free, with a suggested donation to the USHJA Foundation—even $5 makes difference!