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      • USHJA Welcomes New Zone Committee Members

        It’s been a busy summer with new zone committee members getting seated and settled in. USHJA is looking forward to further welcoming all the zone committees at the 2012 Zone Retreat on December 2, 2012, prior to the start of the USHJA Annual Meeting at the Hilton Miami Downtown.


        Zone 6 Hunter Committee

        Ms. Melinda Antisdel
        Ms. Betsy Kieffer
        Dr. Lesley Smith
        Ms. Kathleen Caya
        Ms. Tracy Grandstrand
        Ms. Jill Worman
        Ms. Mary Wickman
        Mrs. Patrice Urban


        Zone 6 Jumper Committee

        Dr. Kathryn Ott Co-Chair
        Mr. James Urban- Co Chair
        Ms Gail Brandt
        Mr. Nick Novak
        Ms. Louise Otten
        Mr. Mark Aplin
        Ms. Catherine Barrea
        Mrs. Kelly Cormaci
        Mr. Dan Urban
        Miss. Michelle Jensen

      • August Zone Election Update

        The 2012 Zone Elections have closed and the individuals listed below have been elected by the eligible voting members to represent your zone.

        Next steps: The three largest Affiliate Organizations, within the zone and registered with the USHJA, have the opportunity to recommend one appointee who has designated hunter to the Hunter Committee and one appointee who has designated jumper to the Jumper Committee. At a later date additional appointments will be made to ensure a balanced committee on the basis of geography and constituency representation.

        The current committees will continue overseeing zone business until November 2012, at which the newly elected committees will be seated. 2012 Zone Election Timeline


        Zone 6 Hunter


        Zone 6 Jumper

        URBAN, JAMES
        NOVAK, NICK
        OTT, KATHRYN
        BRANDT, GAIL
    • July News: Grants and Scholarships, Shows, Clinics, Committees and A Sad Farewell
      • July 2012 In the Zone

        Here in Zone 6, we enjoyed a milder than normal spring and some beautiful, but hot summer weather! The Zone 6 USHJA hunter and jumper committees have been actively planning educational opportunities, which led to providing several grants and scholarships for zone members at many levels of the sport.

      • Grants and Scholarships

        Lorene Lindstrom was the recipient of our $700 Trainer Certification Program grant this year. Lorene’s application shared that she is a hard-working trainer at a smaller barn in MN with a desire to expand her knowledge and skills, particularly in the hunter world. She plans to attend one of the TCP clinics offered this summer, and her grant will go a long way in helping with travel plans and clinic costs. Two young equestrian athletes, Ali Brunner and Liz Lawler, both from WI, were awarded grants to attend the Emerging Athletes Program clinic held in June at Bounds Showtime Arena in Deerfield WI. These young riders both have plans for the future of becoming professionals in the horse industry and have worked hard with limited resources to achieve several goals already in their young careers. Zone 6 also awarded $1000 to the UW Madison Equestrian team to support their travel costs to attend the IHSA National Finals in April 2012. The travel grant was awarded to an IHSA team in the zone with the largest number of riders qualified to attend Nationals. The UW team and coach, Mark Aplin, had a successful show at Nationals and were appreciative of the financial help, as their team is completely self-funded.

        For 2012, Zone 6 is again offering college scholarships for high school or college students with an equestrian background who show financial need. The dollar amount will be $2000 and applications closed on July 1. Recipients will be announced soon.

        Finally, USHJA Zone 6 committees plan to award a total of $1000 to applicants who wish to attend a mounted clinic in the zone in 2012. The deadline is August 1. Details can be found on the Zone 6 Grants and Scholarship page of the USHJA web site. Please remember that every dollar that the zone can raise towards grants and scholarships are matched 50% by the USHJA Foundation, so if you want to continue to see these programs grow consider a charitable donation to the zone.


        Click on images to enlarge.

      • Horse Show Fun

        Midstates Horse Shows kicked off the outdoor show season for Zone 6 in May, followed by two weeks at Maffitt Lake Spring Gathering 1 and 2. Young Dan Urban won the Grand Prix of Midstates one "Astro Boy" owned by Tom Urban. Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center put on an entertaining exhibitors’ party each Friday night of the shows during the $2500 National Hunter Derby, followed by live music and lots of good food. Karen Cudmore, aboard Flying Colors, won the $25,000 Maffitt Lake Grand Prix in May. Local affiliates, MHJA and WHJA, also had their spring horse shows in May, making for numerous opportunities to get out and show- from the local levels to AA-rated shows. June took us back to Midstates Horse Shows for two weeks with events offering something for each rider- from opportunity classes up to grand prix and Hunter Derbies, plus the traditional Grand Prix party under the tent on Saturday nights.

      • Clinics

        Kris Rame organized a "How I Judge Hunters" clinic with Otis Brown at week 1 of the Midstates Summer Horse Show. The Emerging Athletes Clinic, featuring Cynthia Hankins, was held in June with 14 attendees. Alpine Farms hosted an "Ask the Judge" clinic during their horse show in July, featuring Nancy and Kenny Nordstrom. If you interested in hosting or organizing a clinic please contact a committee member, the USHJA Zone 6 committee has $1000 available each year to help fund these clinics.

      • Your Zone Committee Members

        We are here for you, the USHJA members, to listen to your concerns and address your interests. In the last two years we have initiated several programs to reach out to the grassroots level of riders, IHSA riders and college-bound riders, as well as aspiring trainers. We are open to your ideas for clinics and other educational opportunities. Our committees are made up of amateur riders, professional riders and trainers, and horse show management, so we can consider and plan for our zone from many different perspectives. list of Zone 6 Committee members.

      • Things to Look For in 2013

        An important new rule that is NOW in effect, the helmet rule, mandates that anyone who is mounted on a horse, anywhere on the show grounds during a USEF recognized event, must be wearing an ASTM certified helmet.

      • A Sad Farewell

        In May, Zone 6 lost one of our longstanding and most supportive members, Marcia Bobek of Brookfield WI. Marcia was active for years with WHJA, including serving as President for many of those years. She also served enthusiastically on the Zone 6 Hunter Committee and the USHJA Hunter Restructure Committee. In 2011, she received the Amateur Sportsmanship award from USHJA and was recognized at the USHJA Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Marcia will be missed by all of us and will be long remembered for her love of horse sport and her commitment to the industry.

        Submitted by Lesley Smith, Amateur member, USHJA Zone 6 Hunter Committee

    • Zandra Powers Horsemanship Class
    • Championships
      • Zone 6 Championships

        The Zone 6 Championships will take place during the Midstates Summer Horse Show in Mason City, IA, on June 13 to 17, 2012. Contact: Kris Rame at 352.875.8446 or
        Award Sections:
        Children's Hunter Horse
        Children's Hunter Pony
        Adult Amateur Hunter
        Pre-Green Hunter 3" and 3'3"
        Adult Amateur Jumper
        Children's Jumper
        Low Children's/Adult Amateur Jumper
        Pony Jumper

      • The Zone 6 Championships will take place during the Two Rivers Summer Fest I in Cumming, IA, on August 8 to 12, 2012. Contact: Libby Hott 515.981.1669 or
        Award Sections:
        High Performance Hunter
        Performance Working Hunter 3'6" to 3'9"
        Performance Working Hunter 3'3"
        Green Working Hunter
        Amateur Owner Working Hunter 3'6"
        Amateur Owner Working Hunter 3'3"
        Junior Hunter
        Pony Hunter
        Green Pony Hunter
        Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper
        Low Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper

    • March News: EAP Deadline, Election, NAJYRC Certificates of Capability, Horsemanship Quiz Challenge,
      • March 2012: In The Zone

        The Zone 6 Hunter and Jumper Committees are working together to provide USHJA Zone 6 with up-to-date information on important issues facing the zone and news from the zone’s affiliates. Kathy Ott named the Newsletter In The Zone with the hope that you will read this each month when you see it in your inbox. We hope to be publishing the e-newsletter monthly and will be putting it on this page. Zone 6’s desire is to inform members of any changes in policies, rules, meetings, clinics, Zone 6 champion shows & dates, special classics or derbies or any other happenings that impact our Zone. If you have information or questions you would like in this newsletter please forward your information or questions to Kathy Ott or Marcia Bobek. This will be the zone’s chance to open line of communications and hear from zone members.

      • Emerging Athletes Program Applications due April 6 – Apply Now!

        Applications for the 2012 EAP regional clinic in Deerfield, WI held on June 18 to 21 are due Friday, April 6. Participants in the EAP Regional Clinic will gain the opportunity to expand their equestrian education during this extensive four-day clinic, taught by clinician Cynthia Hankins and stable manger Karen Golding. Auditors are welcome. For more information please visit EAP page.

      • 2012 USHJA Zone Election Reminders

        To vote in the upcoming zone committee elections a member must be active by March 1, 2012, with a senior life, senior active or senior associate membership, AND be declared hunter or jumper. If you are not sure of your designation or would like to change your designation, contact membership coordinators Christina Murphy or Kim Knotek.

        Also note that zone committee nominations are open as of February 1, 2012. Nominated members must be in good standing with the USHJA and a senior life, active or associate member. Nomination Form: self nominations are allowed.

        The timeline for the election process follows:

        January: Nominating committee appointed by the zone and USHJA
        February 1: Nominations open. Forms are available on the USHJA home page and on the zone page
        April 1: Nominations close. If nominations exceed the maximum, then the nominating committee will amend the list to balance interests and geography of the zone.
        June 15: Voting begins
        August 1: Voting closes
        Zone Committees will be reseated no later than November 1.

      • Facts about 2012 NAJYRC Certificates of Capability

        Per the 2012 FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships selection procedures, each horse-and-rider combination must complete a certificate of capability in order to compete in the championships. The new requirement for 2012 is that a 3 meter open water must be included as part of the course.

        For the North American Junior Championships, a certificate of capability is considered complete when the horse-and-rider combination completes a course set at 1.40m or higher with at least a three meter open water as part of the course, with a score of four faults or less within the zone’s qualifying period.

        For the North American Young Rider Championships, a certificate of capability is considered complete when the horse-and-rider combination completes a course set at 1.45m or higher with at least a three meter open water as part of the course, with a score of four faults or less within the zone’s qualifying period.

        • Note that four faults at the open water will count toward the total faults incurred on course.
        • An open water jump is not a liverpool and does not have a rail over it.
        • To fulfill the certificate of capability requirement, riders will have the option of utilizing a form to be signed by the judge.

        Qualifying Specifications and Standings

      • Attention Young Equestrians: Horsemanship Quiz Challenge is Approaching!

        Registration for the Horsemanship Quiz Challenge presented by Sweet Briar College will be available next month! The HQC educates and recognizes young equestrians who have exceptional horsemanship knowledge through a three-part quiz series. This program is open to all levels of youth horsemen and horsewomen, regardless of their competition achievements. Visit the HQC webpage.

        This is a new venture, so any ideas or topics of interest are welcomed. Hope everyone has a wonderful new year full of health and happiness!
        Kathy & Marcia
        Zone 6 Newsletter Coordinators

  • 2011
    • Statistics
      • 2011 Zone 6 Statistics

        1,235 members: 642 hunters and 289 jumpers.*

        29 USEF licensed competitions

        • 6 were AA-rated
        • 13 were A-rated
        • 4 were B/C-rated
        • 1 were jumper only
        • 5 were local

        *216 members have not declared hunter or jumper as their primary or secondary discipline... more information on declaring disciplines.

        Zone 6 Objectives

        • Broaden the membership base
        • Work with local and affiliate associations in developing programs that will attract new members
        • Strengthen B, C, and Local Horse Shows
        • Have a "presence" at Schooling Shows
        • Disseminate information and provide education about the USHJA and Zone 6 with "unmounted" clinics
        • Keep members informed
        • Forums within each of the three affiliate association areas
        • Zone page on USHJA web-site, keep current
        • Events and program calendar
        • Clinics for members, welcome grass roots people to zone functions
        • Rule Changes
        • Hunter Restructure
        • Questionaire to members: what would they like to see the zone committee do?
        • Create awareness of other programs and qualifying competitions available to members
        • Young Riders
        • Pony Finals, Pony Jumpers
        • Zone 6 Special Events (Classics, Zandra Powers Horsemanship Classic, Pro-Eq Class,)

        Zone 6's goal is to have an educated and informed membership, and to support existing programs as well as initiate new programs for all levels of interest. As members of USHJA we support its mission of "...promoting the welfare of the horse and fairness in competition."

    • USHJA Foundation to Offer More Scholarships and Grants in 2012
      • In 2011, the USHJA Foundation partnered with several USHJA Zones to develop the Scholarship and Grants Partner Program. Designed to benefit the USHJA members with a cohesive and easy to use system, the program became an instant success and provided zones the opportunity to give back to their members in the form of financial assistance towards educational needs.

        The USHJA Foundation continues to honor its pledge of contributing additional funds to supplement the various educational awards, which helps to grow the cash value of each scholarship or grant that a zone bestows. 2012 has welcomed an increased number of zones now partnering with the Foundation and an increase in the zone donations. This growth is a win-win to everyone. Zones are able to provide for more recipients and the awards can be more sizable.

        An Investment in Our Future

        Each scholarship and grant awarded by USHJA zones is one step closer to ensuring the future of the American hunter jumper sport. These funds will:

        • Help students who choose to rise to the challenge of obtaining a college degree-perhaps becoming the first in their family to attend college.
        • Move future farriers and veterinary technicians a step closer to realizing their career dreams.
        • Aid professionals in becoming certified trainers who might not otherwise be able to afford the expense of educational programs.
        • Encourage young equestrians to reach higher levels of riding accomplishments via sources such as the Emerging Athletes Program’s curriculum with elite clinicians.
    • Grant and Scholarship Recipients
      • 2011 Zone 6 Grant and Scholarship Recipients

        TCP Grant: Kyle Muckler
        College Scholarship: Kathryn Diederichs

    • Championships and Zandra Powers Horsemanship Class
      • Attention All Zone 6 Managers

        Zone 6 Hunter Committee will be offering two Zone 6 Championship Competitions and are opening bids to all rated competitions held in June, July or August of 2012. Bids are due back to USHJA by January 20, 2012.

        No fee is charged by the USHJA zone to host the Zone 6 Championships. This will be for a one year bid period. Deadline for packets has passed.

      • Zone 6 Zandra Powers Horsemanship Class

        Congratulations to the 2011 Winners - Katherine Bentfield, won the 3'6" section and Katie Wifvat who won the 3' section.

        The 2012 Zandra Powers Horsemanship class will be on September 15, 2012.

        Zone 6 members who have qualified for the 2011 Zone 6 Zandra Powers Horsemanship Class

        The riders below have qualified for the 2011 Zone 6 Zandra Powers Horsemanship Class at Zone 6 competitions. If you have qualified to participate at competitions held outside of Zone 6 please contact Betsy Kieffer.

        3' Qualifiers

        Hannah Pattermann
        Helen Lindsay
        Amanda Hauser
        Christina Hayden
        Heather Brown
        Madyson Offerman
        Amanda Bayer
        Kristine Lancelle
        Katie Wifvat
        Lindsey Ryan
        Emma Tellor
        Kiera Volker
        Elizabeth Coaty
        Paige Junker
        Madison Fine
        Mia Genereux
        Barbara Kirby
        Maggie Johnson
        M. Bennet
        Mary Grossman
        Chloe Heng
        Maren Stone

        3'6" Qualifiers

        Patrick Gage
        Alyssa Franz
        Katey Kozeny
        Katie Delano
        Abby Maxwell
        Katie Sweeny
        Nina Jensen
        Hannah Delano
        Jenna Golden
        Katherine Bentfield
        Caroline McCleese
        Katie Henze
        Kristin Priebe
        Emma Gage
        Katie Wifvat
        Lauren Bailey
        Hayleigh Adams

        The 2011 Zone 6 Zandra Powers Horsemanship Championship will be held on Saturday, September 17 at the Midstates Fall Horse Show.

        The Zandra Powers Horsemanship Championship is open to all Junior and Amateur USHJA Members who reside in Zone 6. The class will be held in two sections 3' and 3'6" and will consist of both a written exam and over fences phase. Ribbons and prizes ranging from coolers, grooming totes and tack are awarded to the top eight competitors in each section. In addition, the top scoring competitors in the written exam will be recognized for their expansive knowledge and success.

        PLEASE NOTE: The rules for qualification have changed for 2011.
        Competitors may qualify to ride in the Zone VI Zandra Powers Horsemanship Championship by participating in Powers Championship Qualifier Classes, or by placing in the top eight in any national medal class where the height of the fences exceeds 3'6" for the 3'6" section and by winning first or second in any medal classes offered by a USHJA Affiliate located in Zone 6 where the fence height is 3' to 3'3" for the 3' section.

        In order to qualify riders must be an active junior or amateur member of USHJA and USEF and meet the requirements for their section between September 1 and August 31. 3' qualifiers have placed 1st or 2nd in a national medal or Zone VI Affiliate Medal at 3' – 3' 3". 3'6" qualifiers have placed 1-8th in a national medal held at 3'6" or higher. Riders for both the 3' and 3'6" sections may also qualify by placing in a Powers Horsemanship Qualifying class.

        View the complete Zone 6 Zandra Powers Championship specifications and list of USHJA Affiliate Organizations. Questions can be directed to Betsy Kieffer

    • Minutes
    • Banquets
      • USHJA Zone 6 Year End Awards Banquets

        Zone 6 Members who are currently listed in the USHJA Year End Awards standings will be recognized at his or her respective state banquets.

        Iowa and Nebraska Members

        December 10, 2011, West Des Moines Marriott, I 80 and Jordan Creek Parkway
        Please contact Gail Dwyer for more information.

        Minnesota Members

        November 19, 2011, Metropolitan Ballroom, 5418 Wayzata Blvd. Golden Valley MN
        Cocktail Reception starting at 6 p.m. Dinner at 7:15 p.m. Awards start 8 p.m.
        Please visit the Minnesota Hunter Jumper Association website for more information.

        Wisconsin Members

        November 26, 2011, please contact Marcia Bobek for more information.

        Official Awards will be mailed by the USHJA.

    • October News: Zone and IHSA
      • Zone 6 News

        The summer heat wave broke just in time for the USHJA International Hunter Derby, which was held during Two Rivers Festival I, August 10 to 14, at Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center in Cumming, Iowa. Tim Hott, Allen Rheinheimer and learner designer Michael Bonham set a beautiful, demanding track for the 20-horse field.

        Omaha, Nebraska-based professional Kris Killam, riding Moral Masuoka's Rex The Wonder Horse, drew first in the order and proceeded to set down an unbeatable first round. Killam also piloted Jennifer Maxwell's Vedette and coached wife Mandy as well as Caroline McLeese on their Derby mounts. All four landed in the top 10.

        Vertical black planks were a nemesis for many, but Hott's strategically placed water ponds caused few issues. After Killam won the class, everyone wished him luck as he headed to Kentucky for the $100,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals in Lexington.

        Alex Granato dominated the $25,000 Grand Prix held during Week 1. Gangsta won by a second over Granato's other ride, Augustine Walsh's Calypso W. Granato leads the race for the 2011 bonus money offered by Hott Horse Shows, Inc.

        During Week 2, August 17 to 21, veteran competitor Karen Cudmore took Shea to the top of the leader board. Granato was second again on Calypso W, demonstrating his "staying power" two consecutive weeks.

        Trainer Kyle Muckler, from Des Moines, Iowa, received the Zone 6 Trainer Certification Program Scholarship to attend a TCP Clinic in 2011. The TCP scholarship offered $500 plus funds from the USHJA Foundation.

        Katherine Anne Diedrichs, an incoming freshman at Adolphus Gustavus College, MN, received the Zone 6 education scholarship, which is open to applicants to use for college, trade school or graduate/professional school. This year Zone 6 offered $3,500, thanks to a generous contribution from Emily Elek, of Ixonia, WI, in memory of her mother Lorna.

        The Zone 6 committee members thank everyone who answered their survey for input on future activities. Planning for 2012 is based on these survey results.

      • Affiliate News: Intercollegiate Horse Show Association

        Since 2008, the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association has contributed a portion of every regular-season entry fee from the Hunter Seat Novice Flat and Novice Western classes to Ride For The Ribbon, to support breast cancer awareness. According to IHSA Board of Directors member Naomi Blumenthal, for the 2010-11 season the IHSA raised $3,500.

        Ride For The Ribbon, the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research, was launched in 1998 in memory of Spielman, who survived two bouts with breast cancer before losing her battle in November 2009.

        Sharon van der Walde, with Ride For The Ribbon, said the original goal of $1 million has been amply surpassed: Support for the cause has raised $6 million.

        "Ride For The Ribbon came about because of the friendship Stefanie and I shared, and the fact that our daughters rode," said van der Walde. "When Naomi contacted me about wanting to help, I had no idea the impact she, and IHSA, would have! I'm overwhelmed that IHSA riders care enough to participate in Ride For The Ribbon classes."

        This season, every IHSA Novice class during the school year will again contribute toward the fund. For more information on Ride For The Ribbon, visit or call 614.563.6301.

      • IHSA Zone 8 - AZ, BC, CA, CO, ID, KS, MT, NE, NV, NM, OK, OR, UT, WA and WY

        October is a big month for the colleges in Zone 8 as their show seasons begin from Arizona to British Columbia.

        In Region 5, the Zone's newest addition, the first show of the season was the October 8-9 competition hosted by the University of Colorado, Boulder. Head Coach Jill Pelzel, of Fall River Farm in Lupton, Colorado, is looking for her team to repeat the Buffalo's first trip to the IHSA National Finals in 2011.

        Down in Region 1, the hunt seat season begins with the November 5-6 show co-hosted by Stanford University and the University of Santa Clara in California.

        With a sixth-placed finish at the 2011 IHSA Nationals, Stanford began the year with their annual Red Barn Festival fundraiser on October 9, with all proceeds going to Stanford team.

        In a multi-phase jumper competition, juniors, amateurs and professionals, including many collegiate riders from the Region 1 colleges, compete on their own horses in events including the 5-Bar and a Jumper Relay. Last year's winner, Stanford junior [Nicoletta Heidegger, cleared 5'6" in the 5-Bar.

    • MHJA Affiliate Equitation Winners
      • Congratulations to Hannah Pettermann and Rachel Johnson winners of the MHJA USHJA Affiliate Equitation Award.

        The USHJA Affiliate Equitation Award was presented at the MHJA medal finals competition August 31 to September 4 at the Otter Creek Classic.

        Pictured : Winner of the 3' MHJA Medal Hannah Pattermann and tranier Tracy Grandstand.

    • June-August News: Pony Jumper Championships, NAJYRC, IHSA and MOJHO
      • June-August Zone 6 News

        In early June, Zone 6 sponsored a drugs and medication forum, held at the Midstates Summerfest Horse Show (Iowa). Stephan Schumacher, DVM, United States Equestrian Federation Drugs and Medication Chief Administrator, was the guest speaker, and more than 30 members attended.

        On September 14 to 18, the Midstates Fall Horse Show will hold the sixth annual Zandra Powers Horsemanship class. See below for the current qualifying criteria.

        New for 2011, Zone 6 elected to hold Zone Championships, which will award zone bonus points and run in the same format as a classic. The championships for C-rated sections will be held at the Midstates Fall Horse Show, and the Madison County Fall Challenge (Iowa) will hold the A-rated sections, September 28–October 2.

      • Zone 6 represents at Pony Jumper Championships

        Zone 6 would like to wish Kamille Marcussen and Autumn Sunrise of Coralville, Iowa and Ellie Foelker and Bluebird of Jefferson, Wisconsin the best of luck at the 2011 USEF National Pony Jumper Championships August 9-14 at the Kentucky Horse Park.

      • NAJYRC Wrap-Up and Pony Jumper Championships

        On behalf of the USHJA Zone 6 Jumper Committee, we would like to congratulate Brooke Cudmore and Ocelot on their amazing week at the 2011 USHJA North American Junior and Young Riders' Show Jumping Championship. Brooke and Ocelot had just 4 faults after Friday's first two rounds of competition, helping the combined team of Zone 1 and Zone 6 clinch the Bronze medal in the Junior Team competition. Brooke then started off Sunday's Individual Final in 8th place and added only 10 faults over two more difficult courses to finish up 13th out of 42 total Junior competitors.

        North American Junior Young Rider Championships - 2011 Results

      • August: IHSA Zone 8

        Nicoletta Heidegger of Stanford University, CA, earned the IHSA Zone 8 Team Open Flat championship riding Elvenstar's Nickelodeon. All of the horses were borrowed for the Zone Finals Competition, and those loaned by Elvenstar won 11 of the 15 classes.

        IHSA Zone 8 wrapped up the 2011 show season with great ribbons in the team and individual divisions at the IHSA National Championships, held May 5-8 in Lexington, Kentucky (see the June In Stride for full coverage).

        In the team competition, Stanford University, earned their sixth consecutive top-10 national finish, placing sixth. With a young team that included only two riders returning from the Cardinal's 2010 fourth-placed team, freshmen Morgan Abbett and Sarah Jacobson joined Sophomore Elise DeBuysser in putting points on the board for Stanford.

        Zone 8's new Region 5 sent the University of Colorado, Boulder to their first Nationals, and their Whitney Wickes was in the ribbons for the Buffalos in Intermediate Fences.

        Of Zone 8's five riders who competed in the Cacchione Cup, it was Region 2's Camille Pease from the University of California Los Angeles who earned a spot in the top 10, finishing eighth. In addition, Pease took home another eighth in Individual Open Fences.

      • June: IHSA Zone 8

        Stanford University (California) clinched the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association Zone 8 Championship honors for the sixth consecutive year, April 2-3 in Pomona, California. Stanford collected wins from Nicoletta Heidegger, Rachel Kolb, Alyssa Baldocchi and Elise DeBuysser. Stanford's individual riders also collected top ribbons, including Jaslyn Law (Novice Flat champion) and Sasha Najera (Walk-Trot- Canter reserve champion).

        Thanks to top rides by Yvonne Pav, Jen Burke and Whitney Wickes, the University of Colorado at Boulder took reserve champion honors and made their first IHSA Nationals bid. In addition, three of U.C. Boulder's individual riders took top placings, including Jenica Northrup (Intermediate Flat champion), Karly Hobbs (Novice Fences champion) and Lynsey Whitacre (Open Fences champion).

        Photo: The Stanford University team (from left), Coach Jim Hagman, Sarah Jacobson, Rachel Kolb, Alison Smith, Nicoletta Heidegger, Alyssa Baldocchi, Emily Cohodes, Morgan Abbett, Elise DeBuysser and Head Coach Vanessa Bartsch, clinched the ISHA Zone 8 title.

      • Missouri Hunter-Jumper Organization

        The Missouri Hunter-Jumper Organization is enjoying a year of firsts: It's on track to secure nonprofit status; the inaugural MOHJO Hunter Derby (this one hosted by Mechlin Farms) was held; and Irish Fox Stables announced a new Pony Medal division, for which a year-end champion and reserve will be recognized.

        The MOHJO also saluted longtime member and exhibitor Barb Hutchinson, whose Renaissance Rescue was the subject of a spring feature in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Hutchinson's farm now hosts 57 rescue horses, most from Fairmount Park racetrack outside St. Louis, who enjoy a safe, comfortable home while being trained for new careers.

        The 2011 show season is in full swing, but there are many months—and shows—to go. Visit for information on membership, horse nomination and show recognition.

  • 2010
    • Financial Reports
    • Statistics
      • 2010 Zone 6 Statistics

        1,020 members: 658 hunters and 268 jumpers*.

        44 USEF licensed competitions

        • 9 were AA-rated
        • 18 were A-rated
        • 6 were B/C-rated
        • 2 were jumper only
        • 9 were local
        • 0 were USHJA Outreach

        *94 members have not declared hunter or jumper as their primary or secondary discipline.

    • 2011 Championships
      • Zone 6 Championships

        C Rated Sections will be held at Midstates Fall Horse Shows September 14 to 18, 2011 – Clear Lake, IA. For more information contact Kris Rame or visit Midstates Fall Horse Shows website.

        C-Rated Championship Classes:

        Children's Hunter Horse
        Children's Hunter Pony
        Children's Jumper
        Adult Amateur Hunter
        Adult Amateur Jumper
        Pony Jumper
        Pre-Green Hunter 3'
        Pre-Green Hunter 3'3"
        Low children's/ Adult Amateur Jumper

        A-Rated Sections will be held at Madison County Fall Challenge September 28 through October 2, 2011 – Cumming, IA. For more information contact Tim Hott or visit the Madison County Fall Challenge website.

        A-Rated Championship Classes:

        High Performance Hunter
        Green Working Hunter
        Performance Working Hunter 3'6" -3'9"
        Amateur Owner Working Hunter 3'6"
        Performance Working Hunter 3'3"
        Amateur Owner Working Hunter 3'3"
        Junior Hunter
        Pony Hunter
        Low Junior/ Adult Amateur Owner Jumper
        Junior/ Adult Amateur Owner Jumper
        Green Pony Hunter

        Zone Championships are open to all Zone 6 members in good standing with both USEF and USHJA. Please visit the Zone Finals and Championships Summary to see the new point structure and specifications.

    • 2009 Winners
      • Zone 6 Congratulates the 2009 Winners!

        Listed in chronological order of the event:

        - Zone 6 Professional Equitation class – Kim Barone
        - Zone 6 $5,000 Hunter Challenge – Rex the Wonder Horse, ridden by Kris Killam, owned by Morel Masuoka
        - Zandra Powers Horsemanship Classic:
        3' section – Sue Novak
        3'6" section – Abby Maxwell
        High scores on the written exam – 3' section-tie between Sue Novak and Anne Daniels.
        Highest score ever received on the test – Blair Bogard.
        - Central Region Affiliate Amateur of the Year – Tammy Johnson
        - Matt Wildung – National Finalist for the EAP

        Congratulations to all the year-end award winners for Foundation Awards and Zone Horse of the Year Awards.

        Foundation Award Winners from Zone 6 - Congratulations!

  • 2009
    • Statistics
      • 2009 Zone 6 Statistics

        995 members: 621 hunters and 291 jumpers.

        40 USEF licensed competitions

        • 9 were AA-rated
        • 17 were A-rated
        • 7 were B/C-rated
        • 6 were local
  • 2008
    • Specs

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