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Julie Winkel Gets Most Out of Horses and Riders at USHJA Zone 4 Free Clinic

Wellington, FL - February 19, 2014 - The USHJA Zone 4 Free clinic with Julie Winkel was lauded by riders and auditors alike as a smashing success. Over the course of the day, 36 riders from Zone 4 had the opportunity to ride in four different groups with Winkel for no charge, and the results were astounding. Winkel insured every horse and rider received personal attention and instructions on overcoming the various challenges each faced, a task Winkel says was made easier by each rider's eagerness to hear what she had to say.

"I really enjoyed teaching these Zone 4 riders, because not only were there good horses and good riders but the riders were so hungry for information," Winkel explained. "It's always gratifying to see riders who are appreciative of my time, and of Zone 4's ability to put on a clinic like this for them."

Winkel is quick to point out that the results she is able to get from horses and riders in her clinic are not the result of any short cuts or magic acts, but a true mastery of the basic tenants of horsemanship.

"I think that all problems can be solved though basics, so the better people's basic are, then the stronger foundation you build and the faster you can go up the ladder in your riding career," Winkel explained. "But if you go up the ladder without a foundation, the floor falls out."     READ MORE

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