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      • USHJA Welcomes New Zone Committee Members

        It’s been a busy summer with new zone committee members getting seated and settled in. USHJA is looking forward to further welcoming all the zone committees at the 2012 Zone Retreat on December 2, 2012, prior to the start of the USHJA Annual Meeting at the Hilton Miami Downtown.


        Zone 11 Hunter Committee

        Ms. Nancy Townsend
        Ms. Sally White
        Ms. Brendan Ethington
        Ms. Jane Juselis
        Ms. Lucy Lower


        Zone 11 Jumper Committee

        Ms. Brendan Ethington- Co Chair
        Mrs. Nancy Townsend- Co Chair
        Ms. Sally White
        Ms. Jane Juselis
        Ms. Lucy Lower

      • August Zone Election Update

        The 2012 Zone Elections have closed and the individuals listed below have been elected by the eligible voting members to represent your zone.

        Next steps: The three largest Affiliate Organizations, within the zone and registered with the USHJA, have the opportunity to recommend one appointee who has designated hunter to the Hunter Committee and one appointee who has designated jumper to the Jumper Committee. At a later date additional appointments will be made to ensure a balanced committee on the basis of geography and constituency representation.

        The current committees will continue overseeing zone business until November 2012, at which the newly elected committees will be seated. 2012 Zone Election Timeline


        Zone 11

        WHITE, SALLY
    • IHSA News
      • October Affiliate News: Intercollegiate Horse Show Association

        Since 2008, the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association has contributed a portion of every regular-season entry fee from the Hunter Seat Novice Flat and Novice Western classes to Ride For The Ribbon, to support breast cancer awareness. According to IHSA Board of Directors member Naomi Blumenthal, for the 2010-11 season the IHSA raised $3,500.

        Ride For The Ribbon, the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research, was launched in 1998 in memory of Spielman, who survived two bouts with breast cancer before losing her battle in November 2009.

        Sharon van der Walde, with Ride For The Ribbon, said the original goal of $1 million has been amply surpassed: Support for the cause has raised $6 million.

        "Ride For The Ribbon came about because of the friendship Stefanie and I shared and the fact that our daughters rode," said van der Walde. "When Naomi contacted me about wanting to help, I had no idea the impact she—and IHSA—would have! I’m overwhelmed that IHSA riders care enough to participate in Ride For The Ribbon classes."

        This season, every IHSA Novice class during the school year will again contribute toward the fund. For more information on Ride For The Ribbon, visit or call (614) 563-6301.

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      • 2010 Zone 11 Statistics

        26 members: 19 hunters and 3 jumpers*
        4 local competitions and 0 USEF licensed competitions
        *4 members have not declared hunter or jumper as their primary or secondary discipline.

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      • 2009 Zone 11 Statistics

        24 members: 16 hunters and 3 jumpers
        4 local USEF licensed competitions

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