Trainer Certification Program Clinics

Apply to Host a TCP Clinic

TCP Clinics enable USHJA members to complete the required educational element of the Trainer Certification process. Each TCP Clinic features at least one clinician over two days who educates members on teaching skills. The number of TCP Clinics sanctioned throughout the country may be limited, and USHJA members can apply to host one of these TCP Clinics, providing the potential host agrees to meet the requirements of this program outlined in the application packet.

Auditing and TCP Educational Requirement

Those interested in attending a TCP Clinic must register with and pay auditor fees to the host. Trainers seeking credit toward the educational requirement of the Trainer Certification Program must notify the host of their intent, must attend all sessions in their entirety and must sign in and out each day of the TCP Clinic on the official form provided by the USHJA.

Approved TCP Clinic Clinicians

Mary Babick Paul Cronin George Morris Bernie Traurig
Shelley Campf Karen Healey Louise Serio Julie Winkel
Diane Carney Chris Kappler Melanie Smith Taylor
Claudia Cojocar Susan Lyman Geoff Teall

TCP Clinics Calendar

Zone 10 TCP Clinic - Chris Kappler - San Juan Capistrano, CA

Sycamore Trail Stables
Clinic will include:
Cross-rail group, 2'6" - 2'9" Group, 3'3" to 3'6" equitation group, and a 4' jumper group.
TCP participants: $225
Riders: $225
Auditors: $100/day or $175 for both days (includes food, beverages, and seating)

Zone 10 7/14/18
TCP Clinic - Julie Winkel and Juliana Zunde - Reno, NV

Maplewood Stables, Inc.
Sessions will include:
Long Stirrup/Short Stirrup 18"-2'
Pre-Child/Adult Hunter 2'6"
Children's/Adult Hunter 3'
Equitation 2'6"-3'
Children's/Adult Jumpers
Junior/Amateur-Owner Hunters and Hunter Derby 3'-3'6"+
1.20m Jumpers +

Auditing fee is $100/day, which includes breakfast and lunch
Deposits are required to hold all spots:
$75 for TCP participants and riders
$25 for auditors

Zone 10 9/17/18
TCP Clinic - George Morris - Birmingham, AL

Blackjack Farms
Group 1: Intermediate - 9 AM to 11 AM, height to 3'
Group 2: Advanced Intermediate - 11:15 AM to 1:15 PM, height to 3'6"
Group 3: Advanced - 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM, height to 4'

$1,150 for three day training (includes three breakfasts, three lunches & Satruday BBQ)
Stabling fee: $140 for three nights
Auditing fee: $100/day or $300 for all three days + complimentary signed book
TCP Candidate Attendee: $350 for all three days
George H. Morris single book signed: $55

Zone 4 10/5/18
TCP Clinic - Chris Kappler - Austin, TX

Serendipity Farms Austin at Oakhaven
Riding sections offered at 2'6", 3', 3'3"-3'6", and 3'9"-4' heights
Five riders per group
Registration form can be found online at serendipityfarmsaustin.com

Zone 7 10/26/18
TCP Clinic - George Morris - Buffalo, NY

The Buffalo Therapeutic Riding Center

Three sections offered each day:

For more information, please click here.

Zone 2 11/9/18
Education Department
(859) 225-6700