Application Procedures for Certified and
Provisional Trainers

The Trainer Certification Program Committee reviews TCP applications three times annually. Completed applications and required documents must be received in the USHJA office by the following deadlines to be considered:

  • January 15 for review in February
  • May 15 for review in June
  • September 15 for review in October

Certified Trainer

  • Declared professional status with USEF
  • Active/Competing member with USHJA
  • Currently resides and trains in the United States
  • At least three full-time consecutive years out of the last seven of professional experience in the United States or Canada

Provisional Trainer Requirements

  • Declared professional status with USEF
  • Active/Competing member with USHJA
  • Currently resides and trains in the United States
  • Minimum of one year of professional experience in the United States or Canada

How to Apply

Follow these steps below to complete your application to the Trainer Certification Program. All application materials must be submitted within one year of beginning the application process. Once the application is complete and reviewed by the TCP Committee, approved individuals must complete the online TCP Exam. Each candidate is permitted six months to pass the online TCP Exam with a score of 85% or higher. After the applicant has passed the exam, they will be notified of their official Certified or Provisional Trainer status.

Click here to view the TCP application flow chart.

Complete online TCP Application. Log in to your USHJA account and click "TCP Application" under the USHJA Trainer Certification Program section.

Letters of Recommendation
Submit three TCP Recommendation Forms. Recommendations completed on your behalf by professional trainers who can speak to the specifics of your abilities as a teacher, rider and trainer of a students and horses at a variety of levels are equally important factors. The TCP Committee also reserves the right to request input from other professionals in an applicant's geographic area.

  • The recommendations must be from full-time, active professional trainers within the hunter/jumper industry who have working knowledge of the applicant’s current riding, teaching and training abilities for at least the past three years.
  • All three of the professionals must be current Active/Competing USHJA members in good standing and declared professional with USEF.
  • It is important that the professionals can comment on the applicant’s abilities with a variety of levels of riders and horses.
  • Additional pertinent references who have known you for a shorter period (i.e. fewer than three years) are acceptable in support of your application.
  • The references may not be submitted from a family member, an employee or a professional that provides a service for your business (e.g., veterinarian, farrier, et cetera).

Background Check
All TCP candidates are required to undergo a criminal background check with Coeus Global before their application is reviewed for certification. It may take up to 4-6 weeks for your background check to be completed. Please be aware that your background check fee is non-refundable. Click here to start the registration process for your background check.

Safe Sport Training
All TCP applicants will be required to complete Safe Sport Training. You can review information regarding the Safe Sport Initiative and USEF Safe Sport Policy here.

You can complete your free Safe Sport Training here. The USEF access code is 7MNA-86XI-FX4E-9GAN. Applicants will be required to complete the Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education, Mandatory Reporting and Emotional and Physical Misconduct modules in order to complete the training.

Submit resume via email to ushjatcp@ushja.org. Resumes are limited to 900 words or less and must fit on no more than two pages. Your resume must include the following information:

  • Date range of employment
  • Position
  • Address
  • Brief description of position
  • Employer contact’s name and phone number

Outline and chronologically document your full time professional employment as a riding teacher and/or trainer. Please begin with your current position and work backwards by year. Awards and results need to be specifically and separately listed.

You may present a second outline of alternative or non-teaching training experiences in addition to the above required format of your professional teaching/training experiences. This is optional.

Submit a copy of your certificate of insurance via email to ushjatcp@ushja.org.

The certificate of insurance must list your name. If you are a farm owner or employed by a college or farm, you must be listed individually or provide a written letter from the insurance company providing proof that you are covered under your employer’s policy. The liability insurance must be current throughout the entire application and certification process.

Complete one of the following:

Education Department
(859) 225-6700